How much sleep do you need to be healthy?

How much sleep do you need to be healthy?

How many people need time to sleep? Someone has eight hours, someone – all ten, and someone is enough and five. Be that as it may, a sufficient sleep is the main condition for normal life activity, and therefore for an attractive appearance.

The main thing that our body does during sleep is rest and recovery. How much time each individual needs to recover depends on his age and state of health. Newborn babies (up to three months) sleep most of the day, waking up, only to eat, communicate with the mother and empty the intestines. Growing up, children sleep during the day less and by school age coming to the regime of an adult, with his daytime wakefulness and a night sleep at eight to nine o’clock. Severely sick people sleep a lot, reducing the amount of sleep as they recover.

Many believe that having a night sleep lasting five to six hours, they get enough sleep, but it’s not. As a rule, these people already in the first half of the day experience a significant need for sleep, perebaryvayut it and continue to do their business. But this constant lack of sleep accumulates, reducing the protective forces of organisms, worsening memory and immunity, and even leading to depression. After all, during sleep our body, like, conducts self-diagnosis and self-mutilation, and if sleep is not enough, then the breakdown can not be recognized.

In addition, the recovery of the body in a dream is affected not only by the number of hours during which we sleep, but also the number of fast and slow phases of sleep and their correct replaceability. For eight hours of sleep (and this is the duration that is considered optimal for an adult healthy person), five sleep cycles occur, each of which has phases of slow and fast sleep.

It is believed that it is during a slow sleep that a physical recovery of the organism occurs: small lesions, cells and tissues are restored, energy losses are compensated.

And the phase of fast sleep helps to process visual, audio and tactile information received by a person for a day. This is necessary to restore the psyche, so that it, after processing the received, could adapt to the situation. No wonder there is a proverb, “Morning is wiser than evening,” because sleep, gathering together isolated events of the day, helps the brain to properly assess the situation and draw the right conclusions.

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