How long does it take to conceive a child?

How long does it take to conceive a child?

No doctor or expert can tell you exactly how long it takes to get pregnant. In fact, conception takes only a fraction of a second, during which one spermatozoon reaches the ovule and attaches to it.

Most couples count differently over how long they are trying to get pregnant. Here we take into account the moment from which future parents began to think about pregnancy and until the test result shows a positive result.

To determine how much time is needed for conception, it is important to look at statistics that show that 30% of women got pregnant within a month of attempts, 85% within a year, and 95% of women over 4 years.

Remember, if during the year, with one partner and regular sexual relations without the use of contraceptives, you can not get pregnant, this fact can indicate infertility. In this case, the couple need to seek help from a doctor, find out the reasons and determine the days when they can get pregnant.

Why can not I get pregnant?

To answer the question: after how many it is possible to become pregnant after the first unprotected sexual intercourse, it is necessary to understand what factors affect fertility. They include:

Age of partners under 35 years of age, the chances of getting pregnant are much higher than those of older people. To become parents after 35, it is necessary to exert somewhat more effort;

Features of nutrition. For couples who eat balanced and varied, eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, legumes, foods containing carbohydrates, the chances of getting pregnant within a month are very high. It is advisable to eat often, in small portions;

Lifestyle. In the absence of bad habits and regular sports, you will not ask the doctor through how much you can get pregnant? Your chances will increase several times;

Chronic diseases that affect the body for a long time, affect your health in the future. Before planning a child, be sure to go through a course of treatment;

Regularity of sexual contacts. Do not direct all your energy to the conception of a child and give it all your free time. This will lead to long and unsuccessful attempts and psychological infertility. The best time for a successful sexual intercourse is when the spouses are in a good mood and get real pleasure;

Diseases of the reproductive system is important before conception to eliminate all the deficiencies and diseases of the reproductive system, so that conception and pregnancy proceed without problems.

You also need to know one more thing, besides how much time you need to conceive. To begin with, your body must be prepared for pregnancy. Therefore, the woman and father of the unborn child must undergo a medical examination, be treated, if necessary, and replenish the body’s reserves.

How to start planning a child?

It is important to treat the spouses with full responsibility for planning pregnancy. Therefore it is necessary:

To hand over analyzes;

To have an examination with doctors;

In case of detection of diseases and lack of vitamins, undergo a course of prescribed treatment;

Get rid of bad habits and switch to a balanced diet.

Having received positive results on your hands, replenishing the body’s reserves of vitamins and minerals, you do not need to count down after what time you will be able to get pregnant. Conception will happen quickly!

In some cases, with a positive examination, many couples can not conceive a child, having problems on a psychological and emotional background. In this situation, rest will help you. Take a vacation, tidy up the nervous system, get away from the daily chores. Changing the situation guarantees a successful result.


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