How in the fall to lose 10 kg

How in the fall to lose 10 kg

Each owner of excess weight wants to lose a couple of pounds a month. How about removing 10 kilograms of your body that are completely unnecessary for three months? This article will not discuss a variety of newfangled diets or diet pills. Only general principles are given, which, if applied sequentially, are capable of giving a good result.


This is the main element of the system. Proper nutrition is necessary not only for those who suffer from extra pounds, but also allows you to feel good to representatives of any weight category. Here are some recommendations:

– not to have supper. In the evening you can eat tiles of bitter chocolate or one apple.

– Do not eat such fatty meat as lamb, pork. It is better to use a turkey or chicken.

– A good fish for a couple or a grill.

– fish or meat taken with vegetables: stewed or fresh.

– to drink a lot of water

– do not drink coffee and tea

– abandon the sweet (well, except that only on weekends)

– Do not drink alcohol.

Do not forget to eat moderately and do it at the same time.

For breakfast, you can eat oatmeal on the water with natural fruits (such as an apple or banana), as well as skimmed yogurt with pieces of fruit. For lunch, a vegetable salad is good. As a second, you can use noodles with chicken or steamed fish. For dinner, either apples, or nothing.


Choosing exercises for weight loss, you need to give preference to the fact that they do not train strength, but endurance. For example:

– Walking along the treadmill for 30-40 minutes. Speed ​​at first choose to be equal to 5.5, over time, go to 6.7 kilometers per hour.

– exercises on an ellipsoid for 20-30 minutes every day.

During classes, you can use a special slimming belt, bought at a sports store.


In order not to give up half way, keep accurate statistics, every day recording parameters such as weight (in the morning on an empty stomach after going to the toilet), the number of kilometers traveled on the path, kilometers on an ellipsoid.

So, in order to lose weight, there is no need to pay big money to nutritionists, buy various expensive courses and the like. The main thing is to get yourself to eat right and practice. Yes, it takes effort. But the reward in the form of a good mood, increased efficiency and high self-esteem is too great to be neglected.

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