How Feng Shui affects health

How Feng Shui affects health

Today we will talk about how Feng Shui affects health. It is more correct to say how our health depends on the energies entering the house and how it can be managed. First of all, the positive Feng Shui depends on what surrounds your house. It is desirable that the neighboring houses are about the same size as your house, and at the back of your house there was another house or elevation. Ideally, if it would be a mountain. This will give support to your home, and consequently your health.

Recently I was in a house that was bought a year ago. As soon as I entered it, I felt that there was something missing in it. A few minutes later, through the window, overlooking the backyard, I saw that behind the house was a wasteland. And the owner of the house said that his daughter had recently had an accident, and his wife broke his leg, and he himself began to have health problems. It is quite understandable that the very wasteland was the cause of their misfortunes. The house was not behind support. That’s what I felt when I went into it. I immediately advised what can be done to support the health of all family members. Unfortunately, you can get health problems very quickly, and it takes a long time to restore it. And if money luck can be attracted quickly enough, the energy associated with restoring health is much slower.

And yet they work! One woman, having entered the new house, began to feel severe headaches and dizziness. To which experts she just did not handle these problems. And the tests were good and the pressure was normal. None of the doctors found anything from her. Purely intuitively, she realized that the problem is in her house. I tried to change Feng Shui from books, but there were no results to improve my health. And only after an exact calculation it was found out that her number of Gua, which is calculated by birthday, is in conflict with the energies entering her bedroom and affecting health. Defenses were installed in certain places, after which she completely forgot about her problems.

Feng Shui is built on three types of luck: Heavenly, Earthly and Human.

The first is heavenly good fortune, what God gave us initially in this life. We can not change it.

The second luck is Earthly, our destiny. What can we do to prevent accidents that occur in our families, divorces, conflicts, illnesses? How can we affect Earth’s luck? I’m telling you – it’s possible!

The third kind is Human Luck, which depends on the actions, actions and decisions that we take.

First of all, we must remember that everything in the world consists of energies. We ourselves are this energy. And from where we direct our thoughts and actions, everything that happens to us depends.

If we are worried about something, complain constantly about bad health, lack of money or bad relationships with the boss, criticize a neighbor or are simply unhappy with life, we, thereby, attract negative energy and block the positive tide. And it’s not surprising that we do not get along in life. Let’s change our energies and start with ourselves. Try to look at yourself from the side. What would you like to change in yourself. Imagine that you have only one chance. And Feng Shui we can always use to help us. Try it and you will not be disappointed. The most beautiful energy of love, success, mutual understanding will be able to surround you. And when everything around you is fine, even the most serious illnesses recede. Who among you has not heard of amazing healing?

Each of us had such a moment in life, when only your future fate depended on you. Remember that you chose and it was the right choice. Your fate is in your hands, so it’s useless to go to fortunetellers and psychics, he can tell what you are meant to do, but you can change your destiny, only you decide what your future will be.

It is important to remember that changes occur only where we direct our energy. But if we follow the course of life, then do not even go to clairvoyants, and so everything is clear – nothing in your life will change. We must take fate into our own hands. And there are many ways to do this. One is Feng Shui, a release from the negative and the attraction of positive energies in your home. This will be the first stage of changing your Earthly luck, improving your health, and sometimes your complete cure. Another powerful tool is the power of thought, because thought is the beginning of an act that leads to certain consequences. Changing the way of thinking, you change your future. And in tandem with Feng Shui, the changes will not take long to wait!

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