How can a woman manage everything?

How can a woman manage everything?

Not in rebuke to expensive men, but on the shoulders of women is much more trouble and worries. Modern ladies tend to be successful at work, caring mothers, loving wives at home, obedient children in relationships with parents. But with the modern rhythm of life, it becomes increasingly difficult to combine work and life. How to do everything, because in the day only 24 hours?

At work, everything should be on the case. Here everything is clear – a certain schedule of work, agreed and distributed tasks, set deadlines. But the time of speeds and work becomes larger, the situation sometimes becomes heated to the extreme point. But there is a way out.

First of all, it is necessary to separate the house from work. This means that home can not bring working problems. But in reality the situation is quite the opposite. Coming to work, many women continue to solve family problems: they call the child, recalling the need to do homework; Learn how things are with their parents; Are interested in the husband, whether he has agreed on the delivery of a new sofa. All these events are very important, but only after work. After solving family problems, it takes time for the mood to work, and this is an additional burden, since the deadline for the assignment is postponed exactly for the period that was required to resolve personal issues. Do not be distracted without the need for home problems, and ideally, it is better not to remember them while working.

Upon returning home, it is necessary to determine the amount of work required to make the apartment look well-groomed, dinner for today and dinner for tomorrow were ready. Psychologists recommend to make a plan for domestic affairs. It is necessary to determine what actions should be performed on a daily basis, what once a week, and what is enough to do once a month. Such a schedule will allow you to find time for full communication with children, find two hours for personal affairs, and there will be time for your husband.

In addition, do not “take” all the care on their fragile shoulders. A family is not only a mother. It is necessary to distribute duties: the father is responsible for the plumber, the children are in order in their rooms, the grandmother and grandfather for buying bread and for taking out the garbage. By the end of the working week, family traditions can also be spent: prepare dinner together, walk with your pet. Thus, household chores will be done, and all members of the family will have the opportunity to be next to each other.

Children need attention. That’s why you should agree on what and at what time you will be engaged and this watch is just for you. It is necessary to come up with activities that will not only be interesting for children, but will also have a cognitive and educational effect: time should be spent with advantage.

For a loved one, you also need to find time. With a loved one is to discuss all family issues: where to go to rest, what furniture to buy for children, what to give to his mother for the anniversary. It is important for a man to feel his importance, so the conversation must be conducted so that he thinks about his initiative in each specific case. It should be women’s sensitivity and wisdom.

There are no women who do not want to have a strong family and a successful career. Someone has to choose in favor of work, for others, husband and children – the most important thing in life. But most of the lovely ladies successfully combine everything. And it is their strength, but only when the ladies feel the support of close people.

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