How can a woman avoid back pain?

How can a woman avoid back pain?

Back pain is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which can greatly complicate our daily functioning. Back pain never appears without a reason. It is always a signal that something bad is happening to our spine. It can not be underestimated – otherwise there will be degenerative changes that will not disappear without appropriate therapy. We need to work on prevention, because the only thing that can wait for us in this situation is further restriction of our ability to move. If we want to stay on horseback, we must take care of our spine.

Where to begin?

If the pain is not very strong, does not cause a significant limitation of the volume of movements, there is only an unpleasant sensation that appears from time to time, you can still do without serious medical intervention. You can start by changing a few habits related to lifestyle. If the matter has not gone too far, it will be easy to fix the situation. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you wear heels and how long during the day do you walk in such shoes? Do you have a comfortable or appropriate chair or chair at work? Is the mattress in your bed not too soft? When you return from work loaded with purchases, you wear them in one hand, because in the other hold something else (umbrella, bag, phone)? Wear shoes with high heels only for exceptional cases, change the chair, buy a new mattress, start to wear purchases in a backpack – and be sure to start walking.

First aid for the spine

Enter into your life a few new customs. After waking up in the morning, instead of jumping out of bed and rushing to perform your daily duties, try to stretch out to wake your spine and make it easier for him to take the hard work of maintaining your body throughout the day. Stretch the spine very effectively with a gymnastic stick or a Swedish wall. If you have the determination and strength for a horizontal bar – practice. To minimize the harmful effects of stress (stress causes the tension of the back muscles, which is harmful to the spine), remember relaxation. Aromatic bath or Jacuzzi, of course, will help you, but even more effective will be a massage with essential oils. Very useful may be acupuncture procedures. Perhaps, it is necessary to take advantage of the help of the chiropractor.

When is treatment needed?

If these methods do not help, and after a time there is no improvement, you should definitely consult a doctor. Probably, the changes that have occurred are serious and require diagnosis and treatment. You need to contact the appropriate specialist who will determine what is the cause of the illness and how to deal with it. Perhaps conservative treatment will not be enough, and you will need to think about even surgery. The doctor will determine the state of the spine and how to restore his working capacity, and then appoint the appropriate therapy and procedures. Do not try to engage in self-medication, so you will lose valuable time, which is unacceptable in case of spinal diseases, since it can even lead to disability.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a kind of therapy – a mechanical method of action, based on the researches and experiments of the American physician E. Still. He suggested that the main condition for the recovery of the patient is the correct state of his bone system, in which the most important element is the spine. Pain in the spine can be caused by some kind of disease in the body, and an osteopath specialist can diagnose and cure these ailments. Therapy of the osteopath at the beginning always focuses on the spine. This type of therapy is safe, non-invasive and very effective. This is another method of treatment that can be used in case of having problems with the spine.

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