How can a future father help a pregnant wife?

How can a future father help a pregnant wife?

Try to imagine what the girl feels when she finds out that she is pregnant. It’s just an explosion of emotions, both positive and negative. But what does the future father feel when he is informed of the glad tidings? He, too, is happy, but in the soul there is a real storm: what to do, how to behave, how not to harm and whether American movies are not lying, where pregnant women drink buckets of cucumbers and roll hysterics for anything?

Agree, in some ways, it is more difficult for men to come to the idea that a baby will soon appear, because he has not the opportunity to feel every movement of the child for nine months, to feel the growth of the abdomen and to live with him one life throughout the entire pregnancy.

To better understand your woman and easier to cope with a nine-month “marathon” a man needs to know several difficult but important things.

Do not get lost in the workspace

Whatever responsibility lay on the man and how much money it would not be necessary to earn for the maintenance of the family, he should always find time to talk with his beloved woman. Listen to and reject her fears, do not hesitate to share their own, support in difficult moments, when sick of any food and want to cry.

During this period, emotional closeness is important for any woman. Whatever golden mountains the husband would not earn – she needs more sincere communication. It gives a sense of security and confidence that you are loved.

Help fulfill the dream

In childhood, probably, every girl dreamed of a magician. When we grow up, there is an opportunity to meet him – with a future husband. If a child’s voice flashes through the house in the near future, then, men, remember how your relationship with your beloved started, what gifts and surprises she was given. Try to honestly repeat at least one of this. Carry out a small desire of a pregnant wife, walk with her in the park or go to the cinema. Her mood and health will become much better, and she will again begin to believe in the existence of wizards.

Explore new horizons

Preparing for the appearance of the baby needs not only morally. It will never be superfluous to read the checked literature, talk with the attending physician of the wife. He will tell you what the future dad needs to do, what actions are prohibited, and what on the contrary will make it easier for a woman to become pregnant. For example, if you live in Zaporozhye, cushions for beremaking are not a problem, and they help significantly during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Also learn how to do a relaxing massage, learn the technique of proper breathing.

Do not be afraid to open yourself to something new. Knowledge during pregnancy is a great strength for both parents, which guarantees greater safety for the little man.

By the way, do not forget to be interested in his wife’s trips to the clinic, and better make her a company. Then it will be possible to learn from the source how pregnancy passes and is expensive to the hospital and back will be safe. This is especially true for women, whose pregnancy period is from seven months.

A common diet is useful

A wonderful way of support is not only compliments, flowers and gifts, but adoption of a new way of life and nutrition. Firstly, the girl will be much easier to cook one breakfast for two, and secondly, she will assess your decision as a desire to share her condition. If you can not do this on a permanent, then at least select a certain time for this.

Be patient and give compliments

Differences in the mood of a pregnant woman – this is the norm, which can not be changed. Believe me, after the slightest breakdown, she experiences very much for her behavior and is even more frustrated because she can not restrain herself. And the female body is changing, the figure is becoming more massive and the experience begins with a bad appearance, “I am fat,” “you will no longer love me.”

Do not let these thoughts stay in the female head for a long time. To do this, you just need to praise her body, rejoice at the nearest joyous event, speak the words of love and be patient, since that is what is most needed for the future mother of your child.

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