High heels – is there any harm?

High heels - is there any harm?

Many female representatives wear and prefer solely high-heeled shoes – as the main footwear. Doctors all over the world are sounding the alarm and say how it’s not right – often and for long periods wear high heels. Because of such shoes there is a very strong load on the spine, which can cause its curvature, as a result of which – the malfunctioning of organs or their displacement.

Doctors recommend wearing a heel from 3 to 5 cm, the load when wearing such a heel is not significant, and it does not bring harm.

Not all doctors stop warning, many can not imagine themselves without a high heel. But why? Why do all the girls reach out to coveted, sometimes terribly uncomfortable shoes? The answer makes you think – the girl in high-heeled shoes looks slimmer, such shoes extend the legs, the heel gives a beautiful and feminine silhouette. A properly selected heel can set the tone for your side – business, relaxed, casual, evening. Shoes play not an unimportant role.

How to choose the right shoes with high heels?

Look inside – the material of the insole and instep is very important, skin or microfiber is more preferable. They favorably affect the foot.

Sole – give preference to shoes with a relief sole than with a smooth one. A smooth outsole, usually, slides and easily erases, leaving ugly “peeled” edges.

Platform (Hidden platform) – now very fashionable – high-heeled shoes and with a hidden platform. This is very convenient, if the heel – 15 cm, and the platform 5, if it is minus it will turn out that you have a heel of 10 cm, the hidden platform removes centimeters of the heel. Such shoes are much more convenient than their counterparts – without platforms.

Size – this is most important when choosing shoes. It is at a rate often mistakes are made, making new shoes – “Terribly uncomfortable”. Buy your size, do not listen to annoying sellers “what is the same leather / suede, they will stretch! “, Yes, without a doubt they will stretch, but not on the same size anymore! Take your own size strictly, if the shoes that you liked very much were smaller and the thought “Well, for the sake of such shoes you can tolerate” appeared, stop! Smaller shoes can deform your fingers, cause the appearance of dry corns (spurs), painful sensations (due to poor circulation).

Strand at least occasionally a high heel, with a flat sole or a low and comfortable heel.

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