Hidden Reasons for Excess Weight

Hidden Reasons for Excess Weight

Along with the lack of physical exertion, a moving image of a person’s daily existence, control over overeating, there are hidden causes of excessive body weight.

Calories Alcohol

There is a direct dependence of appetite on alcohol: with the use of alcohol-containing drinks, the desire to eat only increases. All the calories that are part of the alcoholic products are actively processed by the body, but at the same time they interfere with the assimilation of the rest of the food.

So necessary for healthy metabolism in the human body, nutrients are completely absent in alcohol. As a poison, alcoholic drinks have a harmful effect on the body: slow down important metabolic, recovery processes. So, for example, 2 servings of alcohol are capable of provoking a slowing of metabolism for three days.

Is stress effective as a way to overcome problems?

Today, many people have learned to solve life’s difficulties and troubles through the immense absorption of food. Favorite food delicacies become a kind of antidepressant. However, by making such a deception of the body, when food “muffles” the anxiety, a person condemns himself to excessive weight, which becomes a threat to full physical health.

Food, indeed, is not an option. Overcoming the crisis, emotional recovery can provide widely known methods of self-regulation. Physical stress will distract from obsessive thoughts, walk – concentrate on the surrounding, a bath with aroma oils – to get pleasure, breathing exercises – to increase vitality.

Imbalance of hormones and appetite disorder

The information that hormonal protection means negatively affects well-being and weight is known to every woman. As a result of long-term intake of drugs in this category, metabolic dysfunction, an appetite disorder occurs. The woman’s organism experiences sharp leaps at the hormonal level, which causes a polarity of mood, depression, which, unfortunately, are solved, with the help of chaotic and unlimited amounts of food intake.

An alternative in this matter is the hormonal system inside the uterus, in which hormones are injected directly into the uterine cavity. The total amount of hormones in this case is 7 times less than in the contraceptive preparations.

Influence of lack of sleep on the digestion of carbohydrates

Sleep is the time when the body needs to restore order inside and process the delivered food into energy. Depriving himself of full sleep, a person disrupts the metabolism, resulting in the body stops splitting carbohydrates and stores resources in the form of fat.

Lack of sleep contributes to the development of cortisone (a stress hormone), which increases the feeling of hunger. Growth hormone, protein, in case of lack of sleep decreases, and as a result can not help the body regain the adjustment of the proportional ratio of muscle and fat.

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