Healthy sleeping rules

Healthy sleeping rules

The most effective and affordable means for beauty is sleep. Everyone knows that an 8-hour dream perfectly wins not only fatigue and stress, but also pallor, circles under the eyes and early wrinkles. But not everyone knows that it is not enough to focus only on the number of hours spent in bed. There are several important aspects that significantly increase the efficiency of your holiday.

Regarding the regime

Try to go to bed at the same time, even on weekends. It is important to accustom yourself to go to bed before midnight, so it will be easier to organize the coveted 8 hours of rest. Get yourself an evening ritual before bed, for example, a cup of green tea, a few pages of your favorite book or five minutes of meditation. This ritual will be a signal to the body that it’s time to sleep and you will easily fall asleep.

Naturalness and lightness

Evening snack or dinner should be no later than three hours before bedtime. Eat something light, such as cottage cheese, a small portion of vegetables, fruit. Heavy food can provoke insomnia. Also, forget about coffee and black tea before bed.

Clothing for sleep should be, first and foremost, comfortable. The best materials are natural materials: cotton, flannel. Be sure to keep your feet warm, if they get cold, you will not be able to fall asleep quickly. Bedding is also preferably chosen from their natural fabrics. Silk is beautiful, but very uncomfortable. Try to give preference to the bed of medium stiffness and orthopedic pillows – your back and neck, too, need a full rest.

Freshness and aromas

The air we breathe must be clean and damp enough. The optimum temperature is 18-20 degrees, humidity – 50-70%. In summer, use an air conditioner, in the winter – an air humidifier or an ionizer. Your skin, therefore, will need less moisturizer, and you yourself will sleep soundly and calmly.

Favorite fragrances that fill the bedroom are also able to make your sleep healthy and strong. Oils of valerian, lavender, times and ylang-ylang soothe and positively influence the nervous system, relieve fatigue and stress. With insomnia will help sandalwood sticks.

Correct and full sleep is a guarantee that in the morning your reflection in the mirror will never upset you. A healthy sleep stimulates the renewal and restoration of cells, gives the skin a healthy radiance and, undoubtedly, improves mood.

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