Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy

Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy

Every woman dreams of a child. But not every woman, even a pregnant woman, understands the importance of physical development of the body during pregnancy. Pregnancy is certainly the happiest, most unusual and joyful period in the life of any representative of the weaker sex. And, in order for pregnancy to proceed without complications, one must adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

When a future mother finds out that she is pregnant, she immediately begins to imagine how this miracle will happen – a meeting with the tummy in which the baby is developing. And, naturally, from the first days of pregnancy a woman begins to worry and take care of her still unborn baby.

Of course, first of all there is a complete rejection of habits

The future mother begins to take care of herself and her child, that is, a full-fledged sleep, the intake of vitamins, both natural, found in foods and medicines, a full-fledged diet, she should receive only positive emotions. And what is important is, of course, gymnastics. These are exactly the habits that should enter the life of a woman who is in an “interesting” position, because thanks to these habits her ability to give birth to a healthy child is greatly increased.

Gymnastics during pregnancy for the health of mom and baby

With moderate sports activities in the body, metabolism is accelerated, blood circulation to the placenta and uterus improves, which contributes to good nutrition of the baby, and increases the supply of oxygen to the fetus. In addition, gymnastics helps to strengthen and maintain muscles, preparing a woman for such a physical test as childbirth. To all other great advantage in training gymnastics for expectant mothers, in addition to maintaining muscles, is the significant preparation of the body for an effective and rapid recovery of the body after childbirth. And in the post-partum period, physical exercises reduce emotional tension and prevent the development of postpartum depression. Moreover, gymnastics does not affect the quality of your breast milk.

When pregnancy is in adulthood, women have a great need for physical exercise. Since physical activity in adulthood is necessary to promote the prevention of high blood pressure. There are also various physical exercises in the pool. But you need to remember that the water temperature should be 30-31 degrees. The water level in the pool should not exceed the middle of the chest. And the number of repetitions of exercises depends on the specificity of the exercise, the duration of pregnancy and the tastes of the instructor.

Naturally, before you start physical exercises for pregnant women, of course, you should first consult your gynecologist to determine if you have any contraindications for exercising during pregnancy. And it should be remembered that every morning during 9 months of pregnancy it is worth starting with gymnastics. As it helps to strengthen the body, improve the heart, strengthen the muscles of the future mother, and most importantly, gymnastics for pregnant women helps increase oxygen, designed for the baby.

And do not forget that there are already two of you, that only you, the mother of the future child, will be able to give him everything you need for his good development, so that nine months later your long-awaited and happy meeting with our wonderful and interesting world took place.

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