Health from the position of Feng Shui

Health from the position of Feng Shui

We understand that we draw to ourselves those energies that are necessary for us to work out our karma, or, as it is called in Feng Shui, Celestial Luck. At that moment, when heavenly luck meets Earth, that is our home, human Luck should manifest itself, to solve all sorts of problems, including our recovery, both souls and bodies, because our diseases are also the working out of karma. Realizing this and working on any problems that arise with us, we can transmute some of the karma and, thus, move into the house with the best, for us, energies.

It is necessary to understand that what we are, such energies are attracted to us, be they people who surround us or energies in our home, bringing both success and failure to depression and illness.

The most serious sign of ill health in your home is your illness. If you notice that since your move, your health has worsened, you need not only a doctor, but also a professional Feng Shui consultant. According to the energy map of the room, which is compiled on the basis of the house plan, its directions to the sides of the world and the year of construction, as well as considering the number of Gua tenants, which is calculated by their birth date, you can not only determine what diseases they expect, but also help them avoid them .

Let’s take a closer look at how this manifests itself.

Feng Shui is based on the balancing of 5 elements or elements: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. After calculating the room, each room gets certain energy, which consists of a combination of so-called stars. Each such star is a separate element. The combination of these stars, carries certain vibrations, which can have a positive or negative effect on the residents of the house.

To understand why some stars act favorably on us, and others negatively, we need to know that each star is one of five elements: 1 – Water, 9 – Fire, 3 and 4 – Tree, 2, 5 and 8 – Earth, and 6 and 7 – Metal.

There are 3 cycles of interaction between the elements: the cycle of generation, the cycle of attrition and the cycle of control of one element by another. In the cycle of generation, the elements support each other.

The tree burns and creates a fire. When the fire goes out, there is ash (earth). Earth produces metal. Metal melts, which symbolizes water. Water feeds the tree. Thus, a closed circle of transformation of one energy into another turns out.

Therefore, if, for example, your number is Gua 9, which refers to the fire element, then the best place to sleep is where the energies of the tree elements (stars 3 or 4) come in, because the tree creates fire, and therefore supports you. And if you sleep in a favorable place, then the chance to get sick is much less.

With the control cycle, on the contrary, the stars entering the bedroom will have a negative effect on you, and the possibility of getting sick or getting injured is much greater.

If your number is 9 and you are sleeping in the place where star 1 operates, it can lead to diseases related to ears, kidneys, blood, bladder, you may have problems with childbearing, eye problems and problems with the genitals.

Problems with the stomach, abdomen, spleen, as well as digestive disorders can bring you a star 2, especially if your number is Gua 1.

In general, people with Gua number 1 are the most vulnerable. In the present period, the happiest is the star 8 and sleeping in the place where it falls is a great privilege for all but those with the number of Gua 1. There they may become aggravated with arthritis, there will be problems with the spine, the back may be sprain And tendons.

You may have liver problems if you are sleeping in a place where star 3 falls and get a gastritis if it is a star 4. But this is more true of people with Gua 2 and 8 numbers.

The most dangerous is the star 5. It is not recommended for anyone to sleep in the place where this star falls. It carries with it not only illnesses and disasters, but in combination with the star 2 can lead to death. More details about this star and how to avoid its action, we will talk with you next time.

Headaches and lung diseases occur in people with Gua 3 and 4 if they sleep in a room where the star 6 falls. They may also have problems with the throat, tongue and mouth, as well as all kinds of respiratory diseases, if in their The bedroom includes the star 7.

Eye diseases and heart problems occur in people with Gua number 6 and 7 if they sleep in a room with a star.

Of course, all these diseases can also occur in people with other Gua numbers, because it is very important not only the place where the person sleeps, but also what energy is introduced into the house, what energies act in the place where the person works, what he is, The so-called Spirit of the house. But in the bedroom we spend most of the time, while being in an inactive state, therefore, are exposed to any kind of energy. And if these energies negatively affect us, then it is very easy to get the disease.

If during the analysis of the room, you can avoid any disease. Moving a patient into a room with favorable energies at an early stage of the disease, or creating a balance between the energies in the bedroom and the number of the patient’s Gua, a cure of the disease is possible. Such examples in the practice of Feng Shui consultants set.

In addition, do not forget about the star of disease 2. It is important to check in which room she fell. To protect against the energies of this star, it is necessary to put a kalabash or any other metal object in this part of your house. Kalabash is a plant of the pumpkin family, a mullet or, as it is called, a bottle pumpkin. In ancient times, Chinese doctors wore medicines in it. It is dried, emptied from the inside and painted golden, as a symbol of metal, which weakens the star 2 and, as a result, neutralizes the energy of disease. If the deuce fell on the front door, it is necessary, at the entrance to the house, to hang wind music with 6 metal tubes. The metallic sound neutralizes the negative action of the star 2.

No less important are the annual stars, which for all houses are the same and change every year, starting from February 4. I remind you that this year the “Black Two” fell to the north-east. So you have to worry if you have a bedroom or an entrance to the house in this direction.

What will change when your house is “cured”? First of all, harmony in the house will strengthen your health at all levels, both physical and emotional, and mental.

Ideal homes do not exist, but health and luck brings the correct distribution of energy in the house, cleanliness and order, as well as work on their own psychology, which allows you to understand any problem and be able to solve it without any consequences. On these three components, Feng Shui is built.

Let’s help doctors and, above all, ourselves, to cope with any diseases, but it is better not to have them at all. Therefore, invite a Feng Shui specialist to check how your energy is distributed in your house.

I wish you health, my dear Readers!

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