Health: alarming signals of the body

Health: alarming signals of the body

How often on alarming signals of an organism and a pain we speak: “Yes trifles, itself will pass”. We do not even think about that, by ignoring the warnings of our body, we risk our good health and well-being.

The intense rhythm of modern life, frequent stress and constant fatigue can lead to a deterioration in well-being and health. First, something starts to ache and the human body sends signals, but we do not pay any attention to them, expecting that the pain will pass by itself. A pain is the notification of an organism about problems. It turns out that the consequences can be very sad.

It is worth paying attention to health, if:

– Feel permanent fatigue. The most common causes of fatigue are lack of sleep, a busy schedule, domestic chores, thyroid disease, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome. To get rid of constant fatigue, take a few days off, go out of town, try to sleep.

– Have found out changes in a mammary gland. Painful sensations and seals in the chest can indicate a very dangerous disease – mastopathy. This is a precancerous condition, so it is very important to identify the disease earlier. Breast cancer at an early stage is successfully treated by detecting changes in the breast, immediately go to the examination to a specialist mammograph.

– Fainting and dizziness may indicate a change in blood sugar (decrease or increase), dehydration, emotional disorders, anemia, spine disease. Only after passing the tests and having completed the examination of the body, you can find the cause of fainting and dizziness, so immediately seek help from medical institutions.

– A strong headache occurs during several days, from which even analgesics are not saved, then you can not tolerate it, and urgently seek help from a doctor. Headache can be the cause of blood pressure, meningitis.

– Violation of the menstrual cycle – a sign of serious violations. If the violations are repeated for 2-3 months and accompanied by pain during intimacy, urination, fatigue, drowsiness, weight changes, then this may be symptoms of the tumor or dysfunction of the endocrine glands.

– Pain in the lower abdomen is spoken about urinary tract infections, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids. Pain in the right side of the abdomen – pay attention to the liver or gallbladder, pain in the lower right area – may be an appendicitis.

Do not forget that human health is the most important and in time, pay attention to the alarming signals of the body. Health and prosperity!

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