Headache is one, and the reasons are different.

Headache is one, and the reasons are different.

A headache can hide a variety of reasons, and in some cases people hurry to reduce the pain threshold with tablets, completely unaware that they can not only be not only useless, but also harmful. It is not easy to understand the situation of pain, but it is possible.

In fact, the originators of the most common pain in the head are not so many. It can be an elementary overstrain at work, stress, cerebrovascular accident and other phenomena. Thinking should be when the pain is troubled often, with a noticeable periodicity and causes great inconvenience.

To appear to the doctor is necessary at any character of pains to avoid development of a serious pathology. To make diagnoses is the prerogative of doctors, but sometimes you can diagnose the symptoms and types of pain yourself. The main thing, by the method of exceptions, is to find out the one that originated in you.

Migraine. If you acutely react to light, loud sounds, smells, then this can be a harbinger of migraine pain. Flies before your eyes, glare, stripes – all this only confirms the presence of a migraine. Pain usually increases with a turn of the head and is concentrated in one half. You feel numbness in the cheek, jaw, arm. It can occur for no apparent reason, but more often in a state of stress, overwork. Provoke a migraine attack can red dry wine, cheeses, chocolate and other products. Migraine often accompanies nausea and even vomiting. In rest and darkness the pain disappears. This pain lasts from one day to 2-3 days.

PMS. The nature of this pain is somewhat similar to the previous one, but arises clearly on certain days of the cycle with a constant pattern.

Hypertension. The pain in this case is pressing or bursting, and is often localized in the temporal or occipital region. The face turns red, and the attack is associated with stress, overexertion, although there can be many reasons. If you feel dizzy and uncomfortable in the heart, then there are signs of a hypertensive crisis.

Hypotension. With hypotension, pain can also be quite palpable, but the general condition is marked by lethargy, drowsiness, heaviness in the head, ringing in the ears. But the situation for a time corrects strong coffee or tea.

Tension headache. Characterized by a strong sense of contraction: the head is held in a hoop. The cause of this pain can be cervical osteochondrosis. If the pain increases with the turns of the head, then you need to undergo treatment for cervical osteochondrosis.

Meteosensitivity. People prone to meteorological reactions always note a change in the state of health in the form of headaches, pressure jumps and general conditions.

Intoxication. If you have a fever, and the general condition is marked by strong weakness and soreness, then there is a suspicion of an infection. So often begin ORZ, Orvi or the flu.

Sinusitis. This pain is strong, aching and tormenting. Comes after an untreated rhinitis. The general condition is marked by depression.

Tumor. With a tumor process, the headache can be accompanied by a loss of balance and a violation of coordination. The intensity of pain can range from strong to weak.

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