Headache and 15 ways to get rid of it

Headache and 15 ways to get rid of it

People often suffer from headaches. Sometimes it happens that drugs from pharmacies are ineffective, they can even increase pain. In such situations, you should help yourself to get rid of the pain in your head. There are several ways that you should get acquainted.

Headache accompanies more than 40 different diseases. And 70% of humanity suffers from a so-called tension headache, which appears in response to acute or chronic stress. His head seems to be pulled off by a hoop. Pain monotonously crushes and exhausts. And sometimes she tortures a person almost daily to the point that, it seems, already does not want to live.

In addition, a quarter of the world’s population suffers from migraine. This is a throbbing headache, which periodically occurs only in one part of the head. Blood vessels suddenly expand, and their nerve endings immediately “shoot” with painful sensations. And such a disaster can happen literally because of everything. The weather changed, drank several cups of coffee, “flavored” with a cigarette, sat on a hard diet …

However, a headache, can appear not only because of problems with the vessels. Any viral, bacterial infections, cervical spine, skull, eye, neck, nose, earaches, some medications and even sleep in an uncomfortable posture respond with painful sensations in the head region.

Ways to get rid of a headache:

Headaches can be due to fatigue. In this case, you urgently need to rest. Turn off the telephone, TV, computer for half an hour, so that nothing disturbs you, and lie down. It’s better to lie with your eyes closed and think about something good.

With headaches excellent help hot tea with lime honey or tea with lemon. To drink it is necessary with small sips, it is desirable to arrange tea in a quieter and secluded place.

A great way is also aromatherapy. The aromas of mint, lavender are usually used. Just for a few minutes, breathe in the oils of these plants, they help to eliminate tension and relax.

With headaches, ask someone from your relatives to massage your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. You can also massage the ear and earlobes, massage the index and middle fingers of the whiskey. After the massage it usually gets easier, the pain gradually subsides.

Fresh air helps to reduce pain. Walk down the street, where there is no noise of cars, if you do not have time, just open the window and ventilate the room. Breathe deeply.

Do compresses. Take two handkerchiefs, moisten one in a cold, the other in hot water. First, apply cold, then hot. Each handkerchief hold for a minute, then change, and so for 15 minutes.

You can also go and wash with cold water: wash your face, neck, palms, elbows. This method acts soothingly, the pain in the head is relaxed with time.

Do not wear clothing that strains you and gives you discomfort. Remove synthetic things that help to electrify your body and hair.

Often the headache comes because of a feeling of hunger. In this situation, it is better to go and eat something hot. Try not to eat dry.

If you have frequent headaches, you should consider your daily regimen. Be sure to get enough sleep, eat well, often go outdoors. Do not forget to drink clean water daily.

Try to smile and enjoy each day more. After all, sad thoughts are also the causes of pain. Sign up for yoga courses, which will help you get rid of the disease.

But in some cases it will be more correct to go with your problems to the doctor. After all, you may need more serious treatment than sedatives.

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