Happiness in the square

Happiness in the square

Most often, only one baby is born to a pregnant woman. But it also happens that two or even three people can appear at the same time. However, this is considered a great rarity. Since the natural conception of two or three at once is a very complex process, in which not one, but two mother’s cells, and sometimes fathers, should participate.

More often than not, Mom’s body prepares only one cell for conception. This is considered the norm. But it happens that she meets two daddy sperm at once, which results in a double. For some, this is a great joy – at once, at once two! And others are afraid not to cope with the double load. How to deal with twins, we wrote in this article: http://www.garmoniazhizni.com/2013/12/05/deti-bliznetsyi-dvoynaya-radost/

Unfortunately, in the modern world more and more there is a problem of a different nature, because of which it is less and less possible to conceive naturally. Very often this problem concerns women who have reached the age of thirty, but have never known the joy of motherhood. The solution to the problem in this case is only one and it reduces to IVF. More information about this method can be found at http://mdclinics.com.ua/ceny/ekstrakorporalnoe-oplodotvorenie-eko/

As a result of artificial insemination, twins are most often born. All this happens for the reason that during the meeting of my mother’s and daddy cells in the laboratory, several embryos appear, which are then inserted into the mother. It happens that several take root at once and, as a result, two or even three. But if you consider that a woman could not conceive on her own due to health problems, she is often left with two crumbs. This solves two problems at once: the first with conception, the second with the birth of another child. That is, at once two people appear at once.

For those who want to have a double happiness naturally, there are several medical recommendations. These include:

– the presence of cases of happiness in the square from the side of mom or dad

– Mom or Dad have their exact copy

– Pregnancy has come in more likely after the first birth and during the feeding of the first crumbs

– with age, ovulation increases, so that the body has time to spend its supplies before menopause, as a result of which two cells can appear at once

– after taking various drugs

– Many people are prone to twin birth more than others

Of course, at the moment most often happiness in the square happens only in those who have undergone the IVF procedure. However, it is worth remembering that it is conducted only for those who have serious health problems.

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