Gynecologist’s advice for every day

It is easy to save health if you give due consideration to this issue, and do not ignore the advice of specialists. Recommendations gynecologist will help distinguish physiology from a dangerous pathological condition.

First tip: pay special attention to the color and transparency of the secretions

All girls have allotments, the norm is a transparent color. If yellow or dark color, it is necessary to hurry to the attending physician. Changes occur under the influence of infection. An example is a fungal infection accompanied by itching, cutting and characteristic curd discharge. Unpleasant odor and liquid abundant discharge are a symptom of a bacterial infection (vaginosis). More often this infection occurs in pretty ladies after 40 years.

Trichomoniasis is accompanied by green, non-uniform (bubbling) discharge of unpleasant odor. Chlamydia is recommended for all women. With a positive result, a mandatory reaction to the pathogens of gonorrhea. These two infections accompany each other, as a rule.

The second tip: be careful and careful with the periodic symptoms

90% of the cute ladies had a fungal infection (thrush). Most often, when the symptoms recur, girls prefer self-treatment. If symptoms persist, you should consult your doctor.

Analyzes accurately determine the types of fungal infection and the extent of the lesion. Proper treatment will help with the first capsule, but, like most medicine, will leave a trace on the liver.

Despite the fact that it is always possible to buy the desired product without a prescription in pharmacies, experts advise not to do so. In gynecology, there is one rule – any infection with prolonged non-treatment or wrong treatment from acute to chronic after 3 months. Self-medication can be treated, and not cured, and the disease proceeds in a latent stage, which harm the body asymptomatically.

The third tip: it is necessary to know the factors provoking the infection

The development of gynecological diseases can be triggered by the following factors:

– changes in the hormonal state of the body;

– reception of antibiotics, contraception;

– changes in the acid-base balance of the vagina during somatic diseases (diabetes) or pregnancy.

The risk of vaginosis increases with antibiotic treatment and contraceptive use. The cause of bacterial vaginosis in reducing lactobacilli. At a doctor’s appointment there is a special device for determining pH, not compliance with the norm always indicates an unhealthy condition.

Douching reduces the amount or flushes the bacteria that are necessary for health, which are quickly replaced by pathogens, as a result of infection. Shower gel disrupts the protection of intimate organs, and medical gels for intimate hygiene are developed according to the correct formula.

The fourth rule: only safe sex

Do not take risks, even with full confidence in your partner. The best remedy for infections or unwanted pregnancy remains a condom and even such a remedy does not act 100%. With the development of suspicious symptoms, a doctor’s appointment and appropriate tests are necessary.

Fifth Council: Golden Rule – Annual Medical Examination

How often can you hear from women about breaking and ignoring this golden rule. If you miss examinations for 3-10 years (sometimes more) develop dangerous for life and health, and in neglected conditions, medicine is powerless. Cancer is dangerous and fatal, but few people suggest that the disease is curable at 1-2 stages successfully and without consequences. With timely treatment, your health is safe.

The sixth tip: wear quality underwear

Young girls appreciate more beauty and sexuality and that’s good. But for the best to these two factors, add more health. Not infrequently low-quality synthetic linen brings discomfort in the health of lovely ladies.

Take time to yourself! As mentioned earlier, not only infections are dangerous, but negligence to one’s health. Be healthy!

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