Good morning!

Good morning!

Do you want your next morning to be kind? Then it’s worth it to feel good in the morning, and for this below are 5 simple steps.

Step one: we are getting ready in the evening

You can start preparing for your joyful and light morning already in the evening. We advise you to walk on 4 points:

Try not to eat in the last 4 hours before bedtime. The process of digesting food can stretch the sleep time.

As you know, distracting factors can put sleep, so create in the bedroom maximum silence and darkness.

You can take a relaxing bath before going to bed.

Do not look at the TV before you go to sleep.

Step Two: The Right Awakening

Set the alarm for an easy, but loud melody that you like. And one more alarm clock, set the call after the first in 15 minutes, so you have a little time to recover from sleep and soak up.

Step Three: The Right Lift

Everyone knows the charge is still not out of fashion. For the convenience of the Internet there are many resources, the same youtube, where you can deal with the “personal trainer”.

Step Four: The Right Shower

The right shower is contrast. You need to get used to it gradually. Stand a little under the water at a pleasant temperature, then make it a little cooler, after a little warmer. Gradually, every day, try to increase the temperature difference. Over time, you can easily pour cold after hot water. This is a wonderful wellness shower, which, moreover, you will be well cheered.

Step Five: The Correct Breakfast

The best breakfast is a breakfast consisting of complex carbohydrates. This is oatmeal, or other cereals. Light vegetable salad, delicious juicy fruit. Protein food for breakfast is better not to eat, and then very quickly become again sluggish. Instead of tea or coffee, you can start drinking freshly squeezed juice or a fruit cocktail created by you.

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