Girls are not born, they become

Girls are not born, they become

If you are beautiful outwardly, then your inner world must also correspond. Girls are not born, they become. Let’s think, how?

The first thing we do is pay attention to our environment. Who are our friends? What are they better / worse than us? What are the shortcomings and dignities in them? Are they happy? Answering these questions one can see the reflection of itself. This very often attracts like. It’s in physics, the minus goes to plus, but I have it all differently …

So, let’s continue. Now we will note all that irritates us. You can pay attention not only to your girlfriends, but also to all people with whom we have to communicate. Found faults? Does it irritate the behavior or the manner of communication? -Congratulations! This is also present in you. Leading specialists in the field of psychology and sociology have long confirmed the fact that we are often irritated in people by what is in us. If your friends remind bazaar women, the first thing you need to do is to eradicate such traits in yourself. And the second is to get rid of such girlfriends. Well, or reduce communication with them to a minimum.

When we “pulled” out of ourselves all that has spoiled us and irritated others, we proceed to “fill” free space. If a girl works or studies, you can find, even not, you need to find a hobby for yourself. Being engaged in the favorite business, we develop spiritually and physically (for example, yoga or dancing). There is one golden rule: If you want to be interesting to men, you should be interesting to yourself.

In addition to the rich inner world that we created, it is now time to attract a man to our outer “shell”. If you have a taste – wonderful! Keep it up. You can only experiment a little with the images. If the girl finds it difficult to choose a wardrobe, then the almighty internet will come to the rescue.

For myself, I distinguish three categories of clothing: classical or business, sexy feminine and free style (sports, vintage, etc.). Personally, it’s easier for me. Although someone has the right to disagree with me.

In my wardrobe there is also a business suit and a sexy corset, which can be worn with jeans or with a strict black dress. The only thing I do not like is sportswear. Of course, I have sneakers, even white, and even almost new … they lie with me from the 9th grade … Now I’m 22. I do not like sports style. I don `t wear. Although it is likely that there are girls who this style of clothing is very suitable. Just do not have to go out on a date with a guy in a sweatshirt (I’m exaggerating a bit, of course).

The final stage in creating a unique image is the choice of perfume or perfume. I will not list the types of fragrances, at your service the Internet resources. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that even a dainty, hardly palpable trail of expensive female spirits makes me sick …

God created man, and then decided that he was capable of more and created a woman. Adela St. John

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