Girls and the financial certificate

Girls and the financial certificate

Money does not have to be a problem. Although our generation is not glued to the most flattering labels, it is not necessary to fall into the trap of life debts or to sink into the sea of ​​credit cards. The article is not about how to live on pasta or wear inverted underwear to save on laundry. You can not go beyond the budget – and live happily. You can be financially prudent – and lead a turbulent life.

Start now by learning how to handle cash. It can be saved, invested and spent wisely, so that you are not afraid to calculate the balance, do not worry about the rent or, as is often the case, your happiness does not start to depend on money.

I used to think that the issue of money with the sex is not connected. It seemed to me chauvinistic and stupid to think that men and women need different education in the financial sphere – after all, the stock exchange, banks, protsents have no relation to sex. A million dollars for me and for a guy is the same, is not it? Why is it that women do not understand this?

Girls are rarely taught reasonable management of finances and investment valuation. The men with whom I discussed this recall the conversations with my father about money, similar to the conversations about “birds and butterflies”. Girls, whose parents instilled in them a financial flair, are very grateful, but understand that they are more likely to be exceptions among themselves. My mother, she said, now regrets that she did not tell me and her sister about the money more and that now she would have done everything differently.

I’m not going to blame anyone for anything in the stereotypes attributed to women’s understanding of finance or the lack of it. But now we need to get knowledge and refuse to deal with money issues blindly, dreaming of a prince on a white horse who will save us from ignorance, because society does not expect anything from us. If it seems to you that this sounds like a cry “well, girls!”, Then you are in some way right. You do not need to wear a business suit or act like Donald Trump to get a good loan, decent savings on the account or, if you want, to embark on a path to a palpable state and happy retirement is flying at 40. You just need to get some good habits And not get involved in online games. Forward, girls, go anywhere, just not to be in debt.

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