Getting ready for summer now

Getting ready for summer now

With each spring day it becomes warmer, so our clothes will be all the easier, skirts are shorter, pants already. In other words, we’ll have to leave warm fluffy sweaters that so comfortably masked the fat accumulated over the winter. This idea does not please you at all? We must immediately get down to business!

Step one

If in winter you could afford to eat a little too much to survive the cold, then with the advent of spring you need to take care of yourself. And not only for the sake of a beautiful figure, but also to support the body, which is not so easy to get out of hibernation. Therefore, the first thing you need to pay attention to is a healthy diet. One can not delve into the wisdom of theory, but simply cut meat, smoked meat, salinity, and, of course, sweets. Sweet can not only be deposited on the sides, but also appear unwanted pimples on the face, and blossom in the spring can be quite different than we would like.

But on the cellulose it is worthwhile, that is, in the diet it is necessary to introduce more vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals. Using fiber, you can easily reduce the caloric content of your diet, because satiety occurs faster due to the swelling of cellulose in the stomach, and at the same time help your digestive system to cleanse the body of the slag that accumulated over the winter.

If you are not sure about the quality of vegetables and fruits that are in stores after the winter, buy bran at the pharmacy, this is the same fiber. It can be added to other dishes in the amount indicated on the package. Read it carefully, because it’s also not worth it, despite all the usefulness. Since the fiber improves intestinal motility, the body can get used to and stop cleaning itself. But the course, especially in the spring, to consume fiber in more than usual quantities, even useful.

Step Two

Fighting beriberi. Surely, many know from their own experience what it is. So, that after a cold winter, when everything wakes up and blossoms, you had the strength and desire to blossom along with the spring, you should use multivitamins. Ideally, it was necessary to begin this in December, then by spring there would not have been such exhaustion and fatigue. But it’s never too late to start. Therefore, vitamins every day!

Step Three

Do you need energy? Then we must move! Do what you like more – dancing, swimming, running. In general, any activity is welcome, most importantly, that it was a pleasure.

So you get not only pleasure, energy, but also tangible improvements to your own figure. Wonderful, right?

And remember, the longer you stay in place, the longer you will be immersed in hibernation, and the less you will have time to put yourself in order for the bathing season.

Step Four

Spring requires not only changes in appearance, for example, a new hairstyle or hair color, an updated wardrobe, but also special care for the face, body and hair. Therefore, it is not at all superfluous to pamper skin and hair with nutritious and moisturizing masks, to undergo a massage course, etc.

By the way, by taking the first step and taking care of digestion, you simultaneously facilitate your recovery of the skin after the winter, because the skin condition is very dependent on the state of digestion.


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