Get rid of salt deposits in the neck

Get rid of salt deposits in the neck

Salts in the cervical vertebrae cause a lot of trouble. They make themselves felt with pain, a crunch, a feeling of stiffness of the joints. In neglected cases, they deform the neck, forming a “hump” on the withers – it looks ugly and prevents living a full life. So, get rid of the salt deposits in the neck until it’s too late, otherwise the case can reach the operation.

Before treating the disease, be sure to find out the reason for its appearance. Indeed, the removal of only external signs brings only temporary relief. To get rid of salt deposits in the neck for a long time, you need to work on the cause, not on the effect. Often this phenomenon occurs against the background of cardiovascular diseases or as a consequence of the disorder of metabolism.

It is not for nothing that this ailment is called the deposition of salts – their insoluble particles accumulate in the joints. Also, the cause of the disease can be the abuse of carbonated drinks and mineral water. So in addition to targeted treatment, you need to give up certain products.

At the very beginning, you can get rid of salts through traditional medicine. Although in more neglected cases they can be combined with drug therapy.

Honey and salt compresses

Mix salt and honey in equal proportions and mix the mass thoroughly. Fold the cheesecloth at least four times and distribute the received substance along it (it is better to preheat it a little beforehand). Apply a compress on the area at the bottom of the neck, warm it with polyethylene and wrap the sore spot with a woolen cloth. Leave for a few hours. Do the manipulation every evening until you see positive shifts.

Bean broth

Pre-soaked for several hours beans (4 tablespoons), boil in one liter of water until cooked. Then wrap the container with the decoction of the blanket and leave it until the morning. In the morning, discard, and take 0.4 liters of broth a day before eating.

Method of Tibetan lamas

The drug is prepared from the oldest cereal crop – rice. Rice not only removes salts and excess fluid, but also eliminates toxins and heals the body. Rinse rice carefully with cool water several times. You can even soak it for a few hours, leaving it in a dark, cold corner. It is more convenient to do this at night.

In the morning strain the rice and boil 1 tbsp. In fresh water for 5 minutes. Eat on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure – soaking, pumping, boiling – until the rice is over. Fresh rice absorbs excess salt in the body.

Do not forget about physical activity and massage

In the struggle with salts in the joints and cervical section, swimming, gymnastics, yoga, etc. help. Excellent helps to get rid of salt deposits professional massage. You can, of course, ask your relatives to give you a neck massage, but this is rather a preventive measure. Do not skimp on yourself and trust professionals in your business, because it’s about your health, not just another purchase, but you do not need to save on health.

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