Fruit salads – a cure for beriberi and stress

We are so used to the fact that almost every day we eat fruits and vegetables, that we do not pay attention to their content of many microelements and vitamins that stop stress at the chemical level. This is especially noticeable with the arrival of spring, when the body, tired and exhausted during the winter, makes itself felt by the increased chronic fatigue and bad mood.

By the arrival of spring our body is exhausted and there is a chance to suffer from beriberi. It is necessary to consume more vitamins, but with the mind. In the period of vitamin deficiency, any vitamins are important – in tablets, cocktails, salads. And the intake of vitamins can be combined with aromatherapy, infusions of herbal teas and walks with pets. Then the avitaminosis will pass unnoticed …

Fruits are excellent antidepressants and help cope with the depression that suddenly surged! Do not forget this, and some tips on how to use fruit in dealing with stressful conditions.

Each of us, for sure, met exotic kinds of fruit. Having bought an exotic, do not rush into the refrigerator. It is necessary to hold a few days at room temperature, only then use to avoid the sad consequences.

Avocado. It includes magnesium and potassium, and other microelements, vitamins. Flesh avocado sprinkle with lemon juice and spread the bread. Avocado resembles the taste of butter with walnuts.

Mango. It is added as one of the ingredients in fruit salad as a cure for vitamin deficiency and stress. Mango pulp contains beta-carotene, which is more than carrots. Beta-carotene synthesizes vitamin “A”, the deficit of which leads to an increase in the likelihood of catarrhal diseases. Due to the vitamin “C” it favors with avitaminosis and colds.

Carambole. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and C. It has a star shape – it is often used for decorating desserts or fruit salads. Carambola reminds a combination – a cucumber, an apple, green gooseberry.

Pineapples “Gold” – activate the immune system and purify the blood. In the pineapple, almost all vitamins and minerals are present.

Pamelo is a fruit, refreshing and beneficial to our body, cleansing of the dirt that we breathe. Ideal for breakfast.

An excellent tool for acquiring health – yellow and green kiwi. Kiwi is an ideal source of vitamins “E” and “C”, fiber and potassium.

A charge of good mood and vitamin “C” for the whole day, you can get from the morning fruit salad – a cure for beriberi.

For a salad for 2 servings you will need:

Kiwi green – 2 pieces, kiwi yellow – 2 pieces, lemon juice – 2 tsp, honey – 2 tsp, pine nuts – handful, medium-sized mandarin – 1 pc.

Cut into cubes, peeled kiwi. Peel the mandarin and cut into slices. Add fruit sauce from honey with lemon juice. Sprinkle with mint and pine nuts.

An excellent fruit salad is a cure for vitamin deficiency

Not only the unique composition of minerals and vitamins, but also the real pleasure will give you a fruit salad with grapefruit.

For 4 servings: tangerine – 3pcs., Kiwi – 2pc., Apple – 2pc., Bananas – 2pc., Grapefruit – 1pc., Lemon juice, honey, raisins, dried apricots.

Way of preparation: fruit to peel, cut into cubes, add raisins, dried apricots, mix. Fill with honey with lemon juice, low-fat yogurt or whipped cream.

Eat fruit salads for health – a cure for vitamin deficiency and stress and do not be ill!

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