Four conditions of stable weight

Four conditions of stable weight

Excess weight overtakes men and women at any age. It is usually noticed after 30 years: the figure “floats”, eaten per day turns not into energy, but into fat at the waist. And then accuse stress, hormonal changes, GMOs, etc.

Only much later comes the realization that to correct the situation, it was necessary to observe the regime of the day and eat right, run in the morning and drink water in time. And in life there is all the opposite: “sitting” on diets, exhausting with simulators or testing something newfangled and unexplored. And then the effect takes place to be, but almost always temporarily: weight is reduced, then again there is no waist.

Records of excess weight are put after 40, when the body by some parameters slightly surrenders its position, and the usual tastes and interests do not want to change.

Excess weight after 50 years often turns into excess, and emerging health problems prevent something to change in life.

Is it a vicious circle? Nothing like this! It is always worth remembering that the human body is a well-established mechanism that works according to the laws of nature. And if it is properly “wound up” and “lubricated”, it will serve properly and for a long time throughout life.

And the first condition of stable weight, do not be surprised – the regime of the day. Wake up early and go to bed early. The human body is a part of nature, but everything goes according to the schedule, by the hour. Get up early when you wake up all around, and fall asleep early, when everything in nature stops. And remember that the human nervous system rests in the period from 22 to 23 hours. All other organs and systems also work by the hour.

The second and most important pledge of a beautiful body and stable weight is a balanced diet. These are vitamins and trace elements, proteins and minerals, fats and carbohydrates. All nutrients build cells and tissues of the body, they are needed for energy and metabolism and, most importantly, must enter the body at the right time and in the right (and not unnecessary) amounts. This is the guarantee of a healthy body without extra pounds. To understand what foods are necessary and useful in the daily diet, dieticians and common sense will help.

The third guarantor of stable weight is constant physical activity. They can be very diverse, the main thing is that they are daily and affordable. Physical exercises saturate the body with oxygen, help burn excess fat, give muscles and the whole body vigor and strength.

And, finally, the fourth, often forgotten, condition of a healthy body and beautiful figure is the consumption of water. Today, many people know that a person is 65 percent water. And the share of water in the human brain is about 90 percent. Therefore, each person is free to decide: it is important or not to supply your body with water and in what quantity.

He who fulfills all four conditions, does them on time, that is, at any age observes the regime of the day and eats properly, goes in for sports and drinks enough water, always “keeps” his weight in norm and never gets fat. And, accordingly, it feels better, less sick and always full of energy!

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