Five major inhibitions during pregnancy

Before you learned that you are pregnant, you have experienced the body’s resistance to overwork, lack of sleep, and harmful food. And due to the fact that young, quickly restored and could immediately after the disco go to a lecture at the institute. Your usual dinner was beer and crackers with friends, because there was usually no time to cook. Now you are the future mother, and, therefore, you are responsible not only for yourself, but for the crumb that is conveniently located near your heart. What needs to be reviewed in your life so as not to harm the child’s health.

Below are five main prohibitions for a woman in the situation.

1. Lack of movement

Typically, office work, which 50% of women are engaged in, is a sedentary job in a dusty, poorly ventilated office with dozens of computers. No one tells you to quit your job, but let the walk to the street every hour will be the norm for you. Only, please, do not stand there, where they smoke. This is very harmful for the child’s body. Also, you should contact the Human Resources department to get you a job less connected with computers. Try to do light exercises that will prepare you for childbirth, because a physically weak woman will have a hard time in the delivery room. Thanks to sports you will become more hardy and will gain less weight.

2. Harmful food

The question of what to forget about alcohol, coffee and cigarettes is not even discussed. But also it is necessary to reconsider the relation and to fast food, fried, fat. Try to eat boiled meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, biscuits. Empty calories, which carry sweets, cookies do not bring benefits to the body, but only make you even thicker, which threatens in the future with swelling and shortness of breath. Also beware of food, which is fraught with possible poisoning or indigestion.

3. Ignoring walking in the open air

For the future child it is necessary that you walk as often as possible in the parks and spend more time on the street. It can be evening walks with her husband or girlfriends.

4. Increased anxiety

Everyone knows that pregnant women are extremely sensitive and take everything to heart. Therefore, they are forgiven unreasonable tears, bad mood. But you as a future mother should only be adjusted to the positive, removing all the negative from your life. Do not watch horror movies, do not read about illnesses, about difficult births. Think only of the good, and listen to relaxing music.

5. Ignoring your health

Do not ignore weakness, nausea in the last few months, runny nose. Treatment begins immediately after consulting a doctor.

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