First trimester: what should I know?

First trimester: what should I know?

A child is a great happiness for parents. This is a miracle that can not be expressed in words. When loving each other people find out that they will have a child, their marriage will be even stronger. A woman who has learned that she is pregnant faces mixed feelings – this is both joy and fear. After all, enduring and giving birth to a baby is a great work and responsibility.

A normal pregnancy in a woman takes about 40 weeks. It is usually divided into three terms.

It is in the first trimester that the expectant mother begins to realize that she already has a new life under her heart, for which she is responsible. There are new sensations, changes in the body.

Characteristic signs for the first trimester of pregnancy are apathy, fast fatigue, frequent urination, drowsiness. Also, intestinal disorders, changes in the mammary glands, mood changes, all this is an indication that you are pregnant. During this period it is recommended to be outdoors, often take breaks at work with going out to fresh air. Less physical exertion, which is very important in the first trimester. Adjust yourself to a good mood.

During this period your taste and food changes. You always want to eat, but you should do it carefully, you do not have to lean on fatty and heavy food. It is better to drink more, be sure to introduce into the diet vegetables and fruits. You react very sharply to smells.

Vitamins and minerals are very important at this stage, so it is required with your specialist to decide which vitamin complex you should start using. After all, the child should also receive vitamins and minerals.

Another unpleasant symptom that accompanies you in the first trimester is a toxicosis. 80% of expectant mothers suffer from it. You can not get away from it, but you can alleviate it, drink plenty of fluids, sleep for at least 8 hours, have a positive mood and everything will be better. Toxicosis usually ends after the first trimester.

Be sure to take all the tests of blood and urine. What would prevent infections, illness, compatibility of Rh factor parents. Analyzes should be taken regularly.

Uzi is the most important thing for future parents, because you want to know whether everything is in order with the fetus, how it develops, whether there are pathologies. The most optimal period is 10-12 weeks. It is done through the vagina The functionality of the uterus, ovaries, cervix, etc. is assessed.

Not great pains are permissible during this period, the main thing is that it is not accompanied by blood secretions. The mammary glands also undergo a change and possibly get a little sick.

The right way of life, food, rest will help you overcome these uncomfortable sensations.

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