First aid kit: what to buy, how to store?

First aid kit: what to buy, how to store?

The first aid kit should be in every home, it is needed not only for first aid, but also for the treatment of uncomplicated diseases. This is a kind of helper in every family. What should be in every home medicine cabinet?

To provide first aid, you need to purchase:



Cotton wool,

Drinking soda,

Alcohol, including ammonia,

hydrogen peroxide,




For the treatment of simple diseases, buy:

Pain relievers,


A pill from a toothache,

Tablets for cores,


Tablets against diarrhea and constipation,

Antiviral tablets,

Drops in the nose and eyes,

Pills for the throat

Antiallergic agents,

Spray from burns, bites

Ointments from.

What else you need to buy for a home medicine chest:






A device for measuring blood pressure,

Also advise to buy a salt pad.

Best of all, if you select a separate box in the closet for the home medicine cabinet, it is desirable that it is difficult for children to get to it.

Some tips for storing medicines:

– Do not store medicines without labels

– Regularly check the expiration date of medicines.

– Close the lid or package tightly after using the medication.

– Do not leave medicines in the open sunlight and where there is moisture.

– Some medicines should be stored in the refrigerator.

We hope, our advice will help you to collect a first aid kit. If we have missed something, write in the comments, we will definitely add to our list.

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