Finding Well-Being And Equilibrium With Yoga

Have you learned about the Gunas? No, they’re not Disney characters! Based on yoga there are three fundamental qualities or energies which make everything up. They’re, rajas, sattva and tamas.

Rajas is the energy of movement, change and actions. Rajas is the fuel of fire and passion. Rajasic energy is, in addition, related to the daytime hours. We clearly want rajasic energy to create energy to proceed throughout our world and lives. Go go go, do do do when we’ve too rajasic energy we might seem to the external world as incredibly active! Does this seem like you? Keeping a high level of energy that is rajasic results in burn out!

Foods that are rajasic contain: hot food, fried foods, coffee, caffeinated drinks, stimulants, fish, eggs, chocolate, foods that are really bitter, dry, sour and salty. Eating in a hurry is, in addition, considered rajasic.

Tamas can be considered as the reverse of rajas. Tamasic energy is related to a state of inertia and inactivity, heaviness and darkness. When tamas is out of equilibrium your ability to motive becomes clouded and you might experience the darker emotions like greed or anger. Tamasic energy is present during night as there’s more rajasic energy present in daytime hours. Those who are really tamasic might be depressed or seem idle. Normally speaking disorder states are tamasic.

Examples of food that is tamasic include: meat, booze, tobacco, onions, fermented foods? Powerful or vinegar cheese, over mature food or rancid food, treated or too processed food.

Sattva is energy that’s in a state of equilibrium and harmony. Favorable emotional and mental states of wisdom and happiness are correlated with sattva. An individual who was experiencing lots of energy that is sattvic would seem quite joyful. A man on the yogic path is focused on developing sattva and that is why yoga meditation and asana are performed at these times.

It’s crucial that you understand that we have all three gunas within us. And while this is accurate we tend to have a prevalent guna. Based on the descriptions above can you determine what yours is? It’s great because after you’re alert to your overriding guna then you certainly can forecast how might respond to specific life situation as well understand your strengths and weaknesses to be conscious of this. You?ll understand what you are going to have to do to bring yourself back into equilibrium and when you’ll often be thrown out of equilibrium.

Maybe you’ve very lively time and quite productive (rajasic). Or a span when you’ve been depressed (tamasic).

Another manner the gunas effect us and appear in our lives. Consider for a minute the typical American diet with too processed and chemically treated foods which are quite tamasic. Modern science confirms that these food items are linked to serious illnesses including cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. As mentioned above too energy that is tamasic results in disease states.

– Do you practice yoga poses (asana)?
– Is your asana practice enthusiastic and ardent?
– Your practice was sluggish and slow?
– Reducing tamas and rajas?
– Becoming conscious of when you’re out of equilibrium – Which guna appears present?
– Increase surroundings and tasks that generate favorable ideas?
– Eating a healthful, sattvic diet that is oriented?

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