Financial problems: which bird do you belong to?

Financial problems: which bird do you belong to?

In financial terms, you can be attributed to one of the birds. Find out who you belong to and what recommendations there are for you.


Ostrich hides his head in the sand. The ostrich girl throws out bank statements and ATM receipts without even looking at them. She holds on to the naive belief that there will be enough when she needs to pay for the apartment. She has no investment, she tries not to think about retirement, she is almost 30, but she is not interested in the medical program of her company. She spends money like crazy, but buys everything she likes, and has not run into trouble yet. Thinking about the future, she vaguely assumes that everything will be financially in order, but not too much on this, because in this case she will have to admit that she does not understand anything in her financial life.

Recommendations for an ostrich:

1. Learn how to keep accounts.

2. Keep a diary of expenses and monitor what money goes to.

3. Meet with a representative of the bank and learn about pension accounts and savings options.

4. Read books on finance in everyday life.


Magpie conducts a careful recording of all transactions on its multiple accounts and in funds. She every evening sums up the handles of three colors. She has a strict budget – this does not always mean restrictions, but she strictly controls the costs; She is responsible for her actions and knows exactly what her salary goes to – to the last penny. She has pension savings, mutual investment funds and several certificates of deposit, and she follows all this closely. She can mentally make all the calculations when a large company goes to a restaurant – though she rarely goes to restaurants, because she prefers to save. All phone bills are stored under her bed in a heat-resistant box – just in case.

Recommendations for Magpies:

1. It is more often to have fun as a reward for being so good at handling money.

2. Open an account of “insane expenditure” and spend money on it for permanent and reasonable pleasure.

3. From time to time to live one or two days, not counting how much you are worth.


Goose is difficult to do anything on time. She has the money to pay all bills, but she is terribly lazy in this matter. She knows that the bills have arrived, but she simply can not force herself to write checks, seal envelopes, paste stamps and put them in a box. We all went through this – who likes to pay the bills? Goose-dumplers hold their rented DVD disc for so long that it would be cheaper to buy it, and even to make a film, it would probably be cheaper. Some call her lazy, but she herself considers herself busy, absent-minded, forgetful.

She says that when thinking about long-term investments, her mind refuses. The goose wants her life to go on its own. She has the ability to be financially responsible, but there is no motivation.

Recommendations for the goose:

1. Make payment of bills directly from the bank deposit.

2. Automatically transfer part of the salary to a savings account.

3. Instead of movies using the Internet – there will be no problems with payment.

4. Read books about finances that show funny side management of money.

5. Protect your own against the overdraft.

6. Pay bills at an online bank. This saves time and allows you to automatically keep accounts.


The cuckoo practically does not manage its finances. She is a gay girl and simply unable to get home from work without looking into the bar. She is in debt to the very ears, but she has good taste and a beautifully furnished house.

She does not answer calls, because she is always chased by creditors – because of unpaid bills and overdue loans. It’s good to go somewhere with her-unlike your other girlfriends, she’s always full of money. More precisely, it seems, because its signature on the check has the same value as the ruble in comparison with the euro. She quickly rolls to bankruptcy, but rolls on a very good machine.

Recommendations for the cuckoo:

1. Seek advice from a good credit counselor.

2. Ask the bank to transfer part of your salary directly to the lenders.

3. Forget about all credit and debit cards, so that access to money was only through the cashier.

4. Collect all debts on one credit card.

5. Read financial literature “for dummies.”

In other words

Credit counselors help financially uneducated deal with creditors and give advice on how to reduce debts.


The hummingbirds have the right relationship with money. She has a budget that completely suits her and allows you to pay for everything you need under the influence of the moment to buy what you like and not get into debt. She pays bills on time and uses a credit card with a small annual interest rate, which is extinguished completely. At it from the salary the certain sum automatically is translated on the medical insurance. She does not scold herself, if she happens to spend too much, because she knows that she is a person and at the same time responsible. She trusts herself. Hummingbird keeps track of how much money she has, what she can afford, and is well acquainted with her bank account. She knows the difference between the US and the London Stock Exchange and is not sure that she is going to buy a house in the near future, but she knows what a mortgage is and what interest rates exist. The hummingbird flies high, confident and fast.

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