Femininity at any age

Femininity at any age

A woman is beautiful at any age, if she is watching herself, her health and mood. At each age there are their charms, but there are features that you should pay attention to. We will talk about these features in our article.

Woman in 30 years old

At this age the woman is full of strength and energy, all day long, everything needs to be done, everywhere to visit. But, you’re often late, you get caught in a traffic jam, you do not sleep enough, you often get irritated … Valerian and melissa help you. They will calm you down, remove spasm and unpleasant symptoms during PMS.

In this age period, the skin requires moisturizing, wipe it with frozen cubes from chamomile broth or pine needles, a leaf or pulp of scarlet. In the diet more often include vegetables, fish, chicken, dairy and sour-milk products. Water is needed in large quantities, drink at least two liters a day. To keep fit, ride a bike, skate, ski, play tennis or do yoga.

Woman in 40 years old

This is most likely a transition period. Hormonal changes are gradually reflected in appearance. Take tinctures of lemon balm, St. John’s wort, lapchatka, clover, nettle and oat broth.

The skin loses its elasticity and density, the level of estrogen decreases. Help your skin mask from quince, you can add grape seed or pomegranate oil to the cream, a couple drops of sesame oil. Include nuts, legumes, cereal cereals, salad with sprouts of soybeans, season with linseed oil, sea fish. Be engaged in running, pilates, aqua aerobics, take a contrast shower (gymnastics to vessels), do exercises on strengthening of a backbone and a stomach.

Woman in 50 years old

The golden age of a woman. Hormonal imbalance strikes the nervous system. You become irritable, unpredictably aggressive, whiny … Frequent dizziness, pressure jumps, sweating. To cope with all this will help the broths of sage, cones of hops.

The skin becomes dry, so you should always have thermal water, which is necessary to water your face from time to time. Wiping your face with hydrogen peroxide, you will get rid of pigment spots. In the diet should be present in large quantities of vegetables, fruits and greens. At this age it is easiest to gain weight. You will approach swimming (during it all groups of muscles work), it is better to replace running for walks on fresh air.

It’s never too late to start cycling. If at a young age you can use sports bicycles, which you can buy on the site drivestyle.ua, then in adulthood choose walking or city.

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