Female Diseases – Aggression to Men and Denial of Self

Not everyone realizes that the state of mind directly affects the physical health of a person. Although this connection is the most that neither is direct. Especially among the fairer sex. If a woman does not put up with any manifestations in herself and she has a spiritual conflict, as a consequence, there are multiple diseases. Therefore, understanding the cause-effect relationship, it is much easier to fight diseases. All these problems that arise in the subconscious are called psychosomatics. This term is new and has not been sufficiently studied by specialists. Today, many scientists are working on his knowledge.

According to the hypotheses of a number of specialists, any external influences on the body, such as cold, infections, viruses and an incorrect lifestyle, are not the main derivative of a particular disease. This is likely to be ancillary factors. There is also “something” that is deep in the human body and gives the command to launch the disease. Specialists in the field of female health mark a number of psychosomatic chains, which eventually lead to health problems.

For example, fibroids of the uterus (benign tumor) can provoke resentment, unspoken claims and reaction to the betrayal of a partner. Studies have shown that the faster the patient releases all these problems and learns not to return to memory for harmful thoughts, the easier it will be to take medicinal treatment of the disease.

Such a widespread erosion of the cervix in the modern world is nothing but a denial of femininity. Inexperiingly used female energy and unrealized relations with a man provoke an organism to a similar nature of the problem. By the way, a number of conducted psychopractics with patients on correct perception of themselves gave positive results in further therapy.

Thrush is directly related to the unwillingness to have sexual relations with your partner. You can endlessly put candles on the thrush, but it will regularly occur again and again until the woman has established sexual relations with the man.

But endometriosis (bleeding and inflammation of the tissues of the uterus), according to experts, provokes a critical attitude of women to men. Dissatisfaction with the partner, constant reproaches and irritability are derivative diseases. Here the corrective factor is likely to be the respect shown to its second half. During the training, experts recommend trying to find in their partner as many positive qualities as possible that evoke pleasant emotions.

As for the ovaries, they symbolize female creativity. If the fairer sex does not fully realize its potential, problems with these bodies will certainly arise.

Therefore, every woman must always remember not only how to properly care for your body, but also how to properly respond to your soul mate and your own femininity.

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