Fears of pregnant women

Fears of pregnant women

About pregnancy usually write in enthusiastic tones only good. They write that this is a great time, that this is a perfectly natural condition. The surrounding are touched at the sight of a pregnant tummy. And the future mother, meanwhile, is constantly overcome by fears and doubts. In this, according to psychologists, there is nothing surprising. Since pregnancy is a difficult period for a woman, not only from the point of view of physiology, but also from the point of view of psychology. So, let’s consider the typical fears of pregnant women and methods of dealing with them.

The fear of losing control of one’s body

Everything happens by itself. Weight is typed by itself, and it is almost impossible to control it. A constant appetite, thirst, swelling. Warm up these fears doctors “A lot of weight gained, eat less and drink.”

Coping with this fear is not so difficult. It is enough to find a specialist gynecologist, whom you will trust, and who at each reception will explain in detail what is happening with the body of the future mother.

The fear of losing control of one’s life in principle

Social fears: fear of losing a job, fear of the fact that after the decree it will be impossible to get an education or a good job. Family fears: the fear of being too dependent on the husband and close relatives and at the same time the fear of becoming unnecessary to a loved one.

It will be more correct before pregnancy or in early terms to get all sorts of social guarantees and confidence in your husband and close people. And if the fears still do not allow you to sleep – talk to your husband, tell him what you feel. Awareness of your fears in itself gives a sense of control over what is happening.

Fears of pregnant women before childbirth

Probably the most powerful and widespread fear. He is warmed up already by the born girlfriends, video from the Internet, and, at times, doctors.

Discuss with the doctor the birth and all problems that may arise. Go to the preparation courses for childbirth. And refuse to listen and read the “horror stories” about childbirth.

Fear of becoming a bad mother

As a rule, he worries about “primiparous” young mothers who are afraid that they will not experience maternal love for their child. Especially, he can worry if the girl is going to raise a child alone.

This fear will pass almost immediately after childbirth, after Mom will master all the skills of caring for the baby.

Do not doubt, you will succeed! Soon all negative experiences and fears will go to the background, a new bright and happy life will begin!

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