Fat on the stomach: what to do?

Fat on the stomach: what to do?

The deposition of fat around the waist and on the stomach affects both women and men. Mostly these are people suffering from such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases. Some of us think that if you grab a couple of centimeters of fat on your stomach with your fingers, then it’s a disaster, you need to start playing sports and get on a diet. But it is not enough, who knows that the fat that you grasp with your fingers is actually harmless.

A real threat to health is caused by fat, which is deposited on internal organs, such as the liver, intestines. Based on the above, we can say, not so terrible excess weight, as the place where it arose.

Do not immediately run to the hospital and resort to costly examinations. There is a simple, and proven way to find out if you have excess fat on your stomach. Calculate the coefficient: the volume of the waist is divided by the volume of the thighs. For example, take the standard parameters waist 60 centimeters, and the volume of the hips 90 centimeters then (60: 90 = 0.67), so our coefficient is approximately 0.7. Doctors specializing in obesity believe that the coefficient in women should not be above 0.80, and in men 0.95, if the coefficient exceeds the norm, then it’s time to get rid of excess fat on the stomach.

If you decide that it’s time for you to lose fat on your stomach, you know that it turns out much faster for men, and not because they do not eat high-calorie food, but because there are biological differences between women and men. The fact is that men have more muscle mass, and the more muscles, the more energy expenditure.

Exhausting diets do not always help to get rid of excess fat, basically losing weight is due to fluid and loss of muscle mass. Nutritionists recommend low-calorie food, vegetables, fruits, foods rich in starch content. You can try a diet for the blood group. Remember that in some diseases, diets are strictly prohibited.

Before resorting to a diet consult a dietitian doctor, he can develop or pick up for you a suitable diet that does not harm your health.

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