Factors that prevent us from growing thin

Factors that prevent us from growing thin

As everyone knows, who at least once tried to lose weight, the cause of excess weight – in extra calories, which we so much pleasure daily absorb with sweet, floury, fatty. But, as the latest scientific research has shown, the most immediate, at first sight, simple and unexpected reasons of a physiological and psychological nature can facilitate a quick recruitment of these extra calories.

As it turned out, the color of the dishes and the tone of the surrounding environment have the most direct effect on how much we eat with you in one sitting. For example, bright and flashy tones (red, orange, yellow) unconsciously push us to overeat and even gluttony, and the colors of warm, calm tones (bluish, pastel pink, green, grayish brown) – on the contrary, act like a stop signal and Reduce the amount of food we eat.

If you took up your figure and decided to lose weight, then I do not advise you to chew anything while watching TV. Firstly, it only hampers the full assimilation of food, and secondly, as is known, also contributes to a set of extra kilograms. The reason is TV advertising, where the products that are not the most useful to our figure are glimpsed every now and then.

Undoubtedly it is necessary to dispel another misconception, widespread in the world, about the benefits of natural (including freshly squeezed) juices. First, they are much more caloric than the products from which they are obtained, and secondly, they contain more carbohydrates.

Strangely enough, but bad weather (and especially – lack of sunlight) also affect the slenderness of our figure. Under the influence of sunlight, a large amount of calciferol is produced in the skin (this is vitamin D). It is known that it is his presence or absence that regulates the level of concentration in the body of leptin, which is also called the “satiety hormone”. A shortage of vitamin D, incidentally, can easily be filled by eating eggs, butter, milk, fatty marine fish.

In contrast to the prevailing opinion, the use of fat-free products instead of the usual ones does not guarantee you a good figure, but it may well help you in typing extra pounds – for several, far from all known reasons. The most banal of them is that we, being skimmed with fat-free products, do not control ourselves and are not afraid to eat superfluous. And if we are not afraid, then we often overeat. In addition, “dietary” foods increase the sugar content in the blood, and its overabundance causes “reserve” fat deposits, not to mention that it also increases appetite.

Having married and immersed in the measured course of family life, a woman, without even noticing herself, can systematically gain excess weight, automatically adopting her husband’s habit of eating more and, in the main, high-calorie food.

With a constant lack of sleep, you increase the chances of gaining weight by more than seventy percent. And all because the body needs a lot more calories so that it can support itself in normal tone.

Thirst itself does not threaten your figure, but the problem is that we are often unable to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Therefore, if you are dieting or even just watching your figure, nutritionists advise each time you feel hungry, first drink regular water, and only then (if the feeling of hunger has not passed), you can have a little snack.

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