Exercises from yoga for weight loss

To lose weight, you need to eat right and exercise in order to strengthen the muscles.
 In this article, I will tell you how to eat properly when training, to quickly and effectively lose weight.
 By observing these principles, you will quickly get rid of excess fats.

 Fats are a reserve source of energy, the body spends fat stores when energy is scarce.
 If you want to get rid of excess fat, do not go to workout with a stuffed stomach, get the body
 Spend your fat reserves!
 However, if you go hungry for too long, then you can not practice well, the body refuses to work,
 Because the nervous system and the brain work only on carbohydrates. So that you do not go crazy with hunger and can
 Normally exercise, you need a small amount of carbohydrates for 23 hours before training.
 Here is what you can eat before training: oatmeal, buckwheat, fruit (except bananas and grapes), vegetable salads.
 These products will give you the required amount of carbohydrates, as well as increase endurance and support the body with vitamins.

If your workout is in the morning
 If you are doing sports in the morning and you do not have two hours before training, then you can eat a small
 A portion of light meal & raquo ;, for example, one apple or a small portion of oatmeal 4060 minutes before the session.
 If you are engaged very early, and there is no time to wait, drink green tea or cocoa without sugar, this
 Help wake up and enter the regime.

If you feel very hungry right after training and can not tolerate 12 hours, then try to kill him
 One of these ways:
 1. Drink plenty of liquid, water or, for example, green tea or cocoa without sugar.
 2. Drink half a liter of skimmed yogurt (no more than 1% fat content)
 3. Eat a large apple

If your workout is late at night
 If you are doing sports late at night and soon after a workout go to bed, you can still eat,
 But only recommended foods, and the serving should be very mild.
 In my articles on weight loss, I recommend the last meal no later than 34 hours before bedtime.
 However, let’s look at the situation in the evening training – you eat a little 23 hours before training,
 Then about 11.5 hours of training, if you still have at least two hours to sleep, it turns out that you ate for
 56 hours before sleep At the same time you had good physical activity and you spent a lot of energy in training.
 Therefore, in this case, you can eat a little, even if there is very little time left before sleep.

 1. In this article, I told you how to eat before and after the workout for maximum efficiency
 From your studies, if you want to lose weight. However, this does not mean that at other times you can eat everything in a row
 In any quantity In those days when you are not involved in sports, you also need to adhere to the principles
 Rational nutrition. When you eat, portions should always be moderate, or you can get a porridge
 So that the pants will disperse
 Useful articles to help you: & laquo; Secrets of weight loss & raquo; And & laquo; How to lose weight correctly & raquo;

2. The body should receive vitamins and nutrients every day.
 If just fanatically nothing is, then you can spoil your health.
 Your task is to establish a reasonable diet, taking into account two basic rules:
 First – the size of servings should be moderate, do not eat too much.
 The second is to eat up the right foods.
 Sweets, flour products, fatty foods can not be consumed either before or after training. They are generally
 Should not be in your diet. The basis of nutrition should be skimmed protein products,
 Greens, fruits (except bananas and grapes) and vegetables (except potatoes). See & laquo; Slimming menu & raquo;

To solve your problem, I developed the right ready solutions
 Effective diet for rapid weight loss. Methodology for women
 A rational diet plan for fast weight loss and accelerated elimination of fat.
 How to quickly lose weight to a man
 The nutrition program for rapid weight loss and getting rid of fat stores.

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Hello! I practice in the hall 3 times a week, there is a shortage of callas, the whole body has lost weight, everything is fine, but the legs .. To be exact, the hips (thighs) .. They never lose weight! I do not know what to do! And I did different exercises, I run 3040 minutes in training. Well, nothing helps! I have been practicing for 4 months, I lost 56 kg, and only 23 cm of fat was left in my legs! How to remove it from there?

Good day, Sergey! Tell me please, and a glass of skim milk after a workout can be drunk ?, I take into account that I am engaged after hours at 7 … after training I do not eat anything, the last snack of hours in 5 is some kind of fruit, that is a full dinner at 12 o’clock, and in the evening if I do not drink Milk then I feel hungry, but at the same time I want to lose weight)))

I began to swing my legs, buttocks, hips, doing exercises for the waist, a bar to lose weight and most importantly to pump the ass. But I do not know how to eat properly with such exercises, what to eat before and after. Is it suitable for me to become & laquo; nutrition in slimming exercises & laquo ;? Tell me please.

Hello Valentine.
 This article describes how to eat to quickly lose weight (remove excess fat).
 Do you want to pump up the muscles, increase in size? Then no.
 To remove fat and build muscle – these are different tasks that are solved in stages.
 For more details, see ARTICLES section.

Hello ! Sorry if the swarm question seems ridiculous))) I will not say that I have excess weight. Weight 50 kg. But after giving birth, the body spoiled the sight (where some were stuck). I signed up for the trainer to the trainer. Purpose: to tighten the body, to express the waist. Pursuing myself all the same a little bit. But I’m afraid if I start to limit myself to eating like girls who have a lot of excess weight from me, only bones will remain. Or I say stupidity)

Hello Inna.
 1. The article is called & laquo; Nutrition in slimming exercises & raquo ;.
 If you do not want to lose weight, then why comply with these rules?
 Your goal is to tighten the muscles and improve their shape, in this case you need just a healthy, varied diet.
 Of course, excess fat and sweets should be removed in any case, but you can eat more freely.
 2. Do not confuse muscles and excess fat.
 Reasonable nutrition when losing weight allows you to remove excess fat, while you need to eat enough protein products,
 Plus fruits, vegetables, greens to provide muscles with building materials and vitamins.
 So with proper weight loss, you will have muscles besides the bones))
 Are afraid to exhaust strongly – add in a diet more low-fat albuminous products and fruit.

Hello. Help me please. My weight is 60kg height 166cm. No extra weight, but I want to lose weight by 56 kg in 3 months and pull up the body. Already the third week through the day I go to the gym (1520min – cardio, 1 hour of power about 8 species at the end of 1520 cardio). I feed: in the morning oatmeal with baked apple, buckwheat dinner + chicken + beetroot, egg supper, brisket, cottage cheese. I drink 2 liters per day. I do not see any results. What is wrong? The truth 2 times broke and ate fatty food, maybe because of this.

Hello Sergey! I really liked your site and I have a question: I’m training in the evening at 21.3022.30, I eat the last time until 19.00, I go to bed 23.00 23.30, I want to lose 25kg and that the body of course does not get stuck and can even be disappointed. What can I eat before training in the evening and can I eat after it (usually I do not eat) or should I eat after all?

Hello Olga.
 For all your questions the answers are written in the article from the top.
 Please read your questions, and then the article again.
 If I do not express the information, please indicate it and write your wishes.
 Thank you.

Hello! Prompt, I train in the evening on an exercise bike at 20h 4550min, what should I eat after classes and how much? Thank you so much.

 The answer is written in the article above on your question.
 Please read it carefully.
 In addition, in the & laquo; School of Nutrition & raquo; There is a ready effective diet for weight loss.

Hello, please tell me, can I lose 10 kilograms for 18 days?
 I weigh 70, I would like 60. I will go to fitness, write please how to eat and what exercises to do in the gym?

Hello Sergey! I do kickboxing. 2 hours before training I eat 23 carrots. Class at 19:00 I come home at 21:00 I drink water as much as I want and go to sleep! For breakfast I eat 2 boiled eggs. Tell me whether I’m doing the right thing?

Hello Anton.
 From your message, I realized that you are eating carrots, two eggs and drinking water)
 Based on this knowledge, I can not say whether everything you do is right or wrong.
 I think this is not your only meal. How to eat correctly for weight loss is written in the article.
 Do not forget that the body must receive the necessary nutrients every day, the more you play sports.
 Unthinking, fanatical actions can spoil your health, everything must be done wisely.
 I highly recommend entering the sections & laquo; Articles & raquo ;, & laquo; Video & raquo ;, & laquo; School of nutrition & raquo; – there you will receive important information.

Sergei, hello! I have a question about the breakfast. In the morning, as I wake up, I drink a glass of water and do a little exercise at home, sometimes with a dumbbell, for 1520 minutes, after that I finally wake up and run to the stadium, where I run for 30 minutes, at a slow pace, sometimes in the stadium, Simulators for 10 minutes. As a result, for all my activity in the morning takes an hour – twenty hours. I come home, shower everything, I generally get enough breakfast in 40 minutes … during this time only the water gets into the stomach. But then with pleasure I eat oatmeal, with nuts and fruits. It turns out that I do not get into breakfast at all (((And not for an hour after I woke up, and I can not stand the time after training, and generally eat porridge (((This is not quite right?

Hello, Natalia.
 You are doing everything right))
 If you train early in the morning, then before the workout you can not have breakfast (because you do not have time to wait until the food is absorbed).
 In this case, for 1530 minutes it is recommended simply to drink water or green tea to wake up the body and fill with liquid.
 But after training you can not wait for time, and breakfast in 2030 minutes.
 This is permissible because you did not eat all night, then you had a workout, for the longest time without food. In this case, you have already created the necessary energy deficit. Well, porridge, especially oatmeal, is the right carbohydrates, which are just recommended to eat in the morning.
 Your sports activities are also very good, to increase the effect you can slightly increase the time of easy running.
 I wish you great achievements! And they will necessarily))

Thank you very much for the answer! We will try to lead the next marathon

I read the floor of the site … As it turned out, I did not do half correctly – this is about running, belt and training. With food is quite normal for me, but it’s about the classes and specifically running understood a lot. Tomorrow I will try not to run like a rabbit, but as a sluggish chipmunk – I think I should have enough for 40 minutes (like a rabbit at 20 was). Thanks for the advice.

Hello Sergey.
 Yes, you correctly learned the material) for weight loss is not the main thing, but the duration of the run!
 A long, light run is the aerobic load that burns a lot of fat.
 40 minutes is very good, just unnecessary as a “sluggish chipmunk”, let’s both be cheerful and energetic & “the man in full bloom” & raquo; ))
 Training should be fun – this is my principle.
 I also developed a special running program for strengthening weight loss. The program details instructions, there is a task for training at different levels and many important tips and explanations so that you are doing the right thing and have achieved early success. See the section & laquo; Training programs & raquo ;.

Hello Sergey! Many thanks for the site! I had a question: Can I eat during a workout? Training consists of two hours of cardio + hour yoga. Cervices are not suitable, is there any fruit or cracker?

Hello Karina.
 I imagined as during a run you eat an apple, and then straight during yoga you eat crackers
 Tell me, HOW, and most importantly, WHY are you going to do this?
 Your training is only two hours, you are engaged in fitness and there is no need to eat during training.
 Also, a certain break in food should be before and after training.
 You can drink whenever you want, depending on the possibility.

Hello, Sergey! Can you please tell me how to be? I gave birth to a child a year ago, it’s still a period of lactation, but once a day, I go to the gym for two months, but the results are not noticeable.

Elena, a lot depends on your food

Hello Sergey, I am engaged in boxing and it is necessary sometimes to learn about competitions only for a week about it. And the weight, you see, is very important there, that you will advise on the weight loss of a small one, a week before the competition.

Hello, Ivan.
 What kind of situation is this when you find out only in a week? I myself am a professional sportsman and nowhere such nebylo. There is always a schedule of competitions. If you only have a week left, then you completely remove fat and sweet, run light crosses, develop fighting techniques – this will help to better spend fats. On evening meal leave fruit, vegetable salads and dietary protein products. There are other activities for the temporary & laquo; water splashing & raquo ;, but here it is necessary to work with the athlete personally. Talk to your trainer.

Hello, Sergey. What if my young man does not let me eat properly, constantly trying to stuff sweets. How can I tell him that I am not on a diet, but simply observe certain restrictions in the use of food. Thank you in advance

Hello Anastasia.
 It is possible so:
 First show him a photo of a naked aunt who eats properly and has a slender body.
 Then show a photo of a naked aunt on which 20 kg of excess fat.
 Then ask what he likes best
 And maybe he just wants to make you feel good, cares about you …
 In this case, explain that it is much more pleasant for you to have a slim, beautiful body than to eat sweet gingerbread.
 If you want to make you enjoy, then instead of sweets, give you expensive running shoes, a subscription to a fitness center, a trip to the sea, well, or does a massage))
 Also, instead of sweets sweet oranges, peaches, strawberries, plums, pears and ripe apples will suit.
 I hope my options will help you.
 Maybe someone from the site visitors will offer more.

Kind time of day Sergey. I started running in the park recently, for 6090 minutes, to lose weight. I follow all that you said in your video about food. The question is, can I drink water after running? Since closer to 2200, hunger starves, there is no desire to sleep. In fact, after running in the evening and before sleeping, I drink about 2 liters of water and more.
  Thank you in advance.

Hello, Eugene.
 Water and fat are completely different things. You can drink when you want and as you want. In the & laquo; Articles & raquo; Read about the methods of combating the feeling of hunger.

Hello Sergey. But I have a very early age very much roe (swimming, tennis). If I run a race, will they increase even more? Or maybe there are some exercises before or after running to reduce gastrocnemius muscles, other than stretching? Or maybe it’s better to choose a different method of losing weight, do not run? Tell me please

I really want to establish a dialogue with Sivets Sergei! Thank you, I’m waiting

Hello Eugene.
 As you can see, I do not always have time to answer, for which I ask to be excused. There are a lot of letters and comments, but I have a lot of work and trainings, so there is not enough time. But I always try to answer the maximum of letters and questions. I hope that the best answers are my articles and video tutorials that help you achieve success! Have a good mood )

Many thanks for your site! He gives an incentive, teaches you how to eat right and start a new life. I received tremendous satisfaction by going to the site page! I fixed my mistakes only with the help of your recommendations! I got it. Thank you again for the recommendations on the site!

Hello Eugene.
 It is very pleasant that my work helps you) Good achievements, cheerfulness and health!

Good afternoon. A sugar substitute can interfere with weight loss?

Hello Anna.
 A sugar substitute can interfere with health.
 If you have a sugar substitute in your kitchen, then the best place for him is in the garbage dump.
 Eat natural products, not pesticides & raquo; Which are produced by the chemical industry.

Sergey, good afternoon! Thank you very much for the useful information. In your article, you focused on foods that you can eat before training: oatmeal, buckwheat, fruit (except bananas and grapes), vegetable salads. To be honest, this was a revelation for me, because for many years of training I used to not deny myself a slice of not fatty meat at dinner, otherwise I’m afraid not to crawl after training home At the moment, I weigh only a few pounds more than my standard , But I would like to return to the form as soon as possible. Tell me, please, how much is it critical to give up meat at lunch to achieve the set goals? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Hello, Sergey! I write to you for the first time, I was very interested in your articles and all the comments on this matter and I also had a question. Is it possible to walk every day for training or will there be more success if only 3 times a week?

Hello Olga.
 This article is about nutrition for weight loss, and the answer to your question you will find in the article “How many times a week you need to train & raquo ;. Please use the CONTENTS section. More success can be achieved if you are engaged in the correct program in compliance with all instructions. My programs include all the necessary recommendations, to achieve the results you only need to carry out the task.

Good evening, I have dinner at work around 5 pm, the training starts at about 20 and lasts 1.52 hours (run + exercise). Well, actually the question is, can I after a workout drink green tea with a couple of teaspoons of honey without waiting until 12 hours pass?) Will honey prevent losing weight?)

Dear Yulia.
 In the article and in the video lesson, I already told you when you can drink, eat and brought the food ration.
 That is, I have already answered your questions. Honey is actually the same sugar, I hope the conclusions are clear)

You say that you can not eat for 2 hours after a workout, others say that you must eat something protein-carbohydrate within 20 minutes after it, so the carbohydrate window in the body and if not eat, then the muscles will begin to break down, what should I do?

Wash, you confuse the types of training. If the goal to lose weight, then 2 hours can not eat, if the goal is a set of muscle mass, and the type of training power, then you need to eat earlier than 2 hours later.

Hello Pauline.
 You confuse goals and types of loads.
 In training with large weights, if the target is a set of muscle mass – you need to eat right after training.
 If the goal is to lose weight, then you need to eat after 12 hours as I said, that after training the body continued to actively spend fat reserves for recovery.
 The muscle cells are not destroyed, or according to their logic, when people starve, a person remains with fats, but without muscles? ))
 So do as I say. If you want, you can do it differently, and when you get tired of listening to & laquo; fairy tales of the fitness industry & raquo; Begin to follow my instructions.

Thank you, you helped me a lot!

Very good. The site has many more articles and video lessons on the subject of weight loss.
 Read and achieve success!

Hello Lena.
 Congratulations on the first significant successes and wish you speedy, new achievements.
 Be persistent and they will definitely!
 I sincerely rejoice when people achieve success and become better!

Brilliant comment You are well done, the words are straight to the point, all our problems from our laziness, you just motivated me)))))

Completely agree with you Lena, a very interesting and accessible article. A huge positive from the read.
 Sergei, what can you advise for increased weight loss, what if running 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening?

Hello Marina.
 For a strengthened and fast weight loss you need the right nutrition plan and of course sport!
 On nutrition on the site there are the necessary articles, video lessons and an effective diet for rapid weight loss – in the section “School of Nutrition & raquo ;.
 Running is really a very effective way to lose weight – read the article & laquo; Running for weight loss & raquo;

Lena! You seem to have written about me. Thank you for your good words, and thanks to Sergey for the site!

Hello Sergey, I have such a question, will not my muscles break up if I starve for 12 hours?

Hello, Sergey.
 I go for a run around seven in the morning, then shower, breakfast (porridge or cottage cheese and coffee) and to work. Since morning after run it is impossible to maintain 12 hours not to eat. We need to work. Does it make it hard for me to throw off a few pounds?

Hello Galina.
 If you train early in the morning, then you can not stand two hours.
 After all, it turns out that you run after the night, that is, after eating and so it takes a long time, in this case, fats are well spent.
 The total time without food is great.
 In addition, morning workouts are invigorating
 It is advisable of course, anyway, wait a bit, go to the shower after a workout, rest a bit and you can have breakfast.
 If you eat the right foods and at the same time moderately, it does not hurt.
 A small portion of kasha, or cottage cheese, or fruit – is a good breakfast))
 The main thing is to continue to eat right during the day. If you do not “eat” & raquo; The weight will decrease.

Hello, Sergey! Thank you very much for the information. It’s time for you to write a book). I have this question: if you do not eat 2 hours before training, practice for 1 hour, and then do not have 2 more hours, it turns out 5 hours without food … it’s already a hunger strike. It turns out in the morning a porridge or a salad after 5 hours without food and in the evening kefir, right? At this rate, 100% can lose weight)

Hello Julia.
 I correctly understood you – 5 hours without food, for you it is already a hunger strike?
 You are dramatizing the situation too much.
 And I want to clarify … you have breakfast, then 5 hours without food, then dinner and sleep (this is all according to your words)
 Suppose you have breakfast and dinner for 30 minutes plus five hours between them, total 6 hours.
 In the 24 hours, minus 6 hours, you get 18 hours asleep
 Okay, I’m joking, apparently you just did not express your thoughts that way))
 In fact, everyone quietly has time to eat 4 times in small portions, and komuto and three times quite enough.
 Here are some examples for the evening training:
 1st option – first time 89 am, second 1113 hours, third 1617, then training and yogurt with apple in the evening …
 2nd option – breakfast 89 am, lunch 1314 hours, the third meal either before or after the workout, depends on the time of the session (it is natural to wait for the right time)
 So Julia do not worry, start eating properly and play sports, I wish you speedy success)

Thank you, Sergey! I have been practicing for several months, and only a week I do intervals of 2 hours before and after training, so the process went much faster)

Hello Sergey. I want to clarify whether it is possible to eat marinated cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms with such food. I have plenty of this kindness.

Hello Dmitry.
 Yes you can. And tell me where all this is good … I’ll come to visit))))

Hello. I’m a slimming Veteran & raquo ;. I’m trying to build up for about five years. I’ve been searching for such info or websites for a long time, but everywhere the water, the sites contradict each other, and for such info as you are being asked to send SMS to par. Number per par. Amount))) Your site brings order to the head and finally brings the long-awaited clarity for further action) you are just saving)) THANK YOU HUGE MORE)))))

Hello, Alexandra.
 Good luck to you in achieving the goal)

Hello Sergey! With pleasure I read your articles with recommendations and begin to translate them into my life. I want to ask you why you can not eat bananas and grapes before exercise?

Hello Oleg.
 I have already answered this question on the website more than once.
 Bananas and grapes are not recommended if your goal is SLIMMING because they contain many carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed, which means they are very caloric. Grapes for example contain a lot of glucose. Bananas are about two or three times more calorie than other fruits.
 In the SCHOOL OF FOOD there are calorie tables, I recommend to look. Compare bananas and apples.

Sergey thank you very much, the result is noticeable in just 3 weeks)) given that I did not adhere to such a strong diet. Good luck to you in everything))

Hello Andrei. And I wish you new achievements!

Zdrastvujte Sergey! I’m the type that, as you described- & raquo; very little eat and kilograms grow … & raquo;
 I have 4 children and, basically, a sedentary lifestyle. I always think if I do not go round the house and I have not enough physical fitness with my big family ?? !! But, thank you, I saw that this is not at all and I’m starting to work on your advice.
 Such question: borshch, lean, it is possible to consider as a dietary food? Morning and the day I have very tense and then eat a little, and in the evening, somewhere in 1718 hours – hunger just kills and, well, just can not ferment with salad or yogurt. So the dish of a borshch can not prevent, certainly, without bread ??
 Thank you

Hello Alena.
 1. Yes, ‘fuss about the house & raquo; Do NOT replace sports activities.
 2. Post borsch can, but potatoes can not)
 3. The article “The feeling of hunger will help you how to overcome?” Will help you. & Raquo;

I’m so glad that I found this site !!! I start to train and lose weight after giving birth. That I like this site contains the most important information, there is no “water & raquo ;. It is immediately evident that you understand your business.

Hello Sergey! I consider you a very good specialist in your business! You do not tell what exercises you need to do to lose weight from the buttocks? Thank you in advance, Sergey.

Hello Vladimir.
 I just need to read the articles that I regularly write for you
 The answers are for example here – & laquo; How fat burning occurs & raquo; And here are the secrets of losing weight & raquo;
 And from the article you will get more complete information than from my short answer in the comments.
 Do not be lazy and achieve success)

Thank you, Sergey, like the article, all the tips are sensible. I’ll take it all into consideration.

Please Inga Use your health.

Thanks for the useful article, I myself lost weight by 22 kg due to the kefir diet for 2,5 months! I just started to work hard in the gym with the trainer, I feel that there is still excess weight and I hope your article will help me lose weight …

Very competent recommendations about nutrition, because because of the huge amount of information in all the & laquo; porridge & raquo; In the head. All written is accessible and understandable. I have more than 9 years of work experience in fitness. So from me many thanks for this article.
 Regards, Anna.

Hello Anna.
 And you success in work and new sporting achievements

Thanks for the useful information
 I basically stick to all the recommendations stated in the article, but after 18:00 I do not eat, even if I go to bed much later than after 34 hours. Now the body is already used to eating and after 6 do not want to. And after the evening training (playing squash) there is already absolutely do not want to! )
 I also use your diary for losing weight, for it a special thank you! And as a result, instead of 94 kg began to weigh 76, ie for 14 weeks 18 kg
 Sergei, I have a question for you: how much can you lose weight for a week without harm to your health? I get now an average of 1 kg, not really straining food + 2 trainings a week, at home I do not do anything extra, but I walk a lot.

Hello. Sincerely I rejoice at your successes All right, if you do not train, then move more. But the main thing of course is moderation in food, hence the result.
 How many kilograms to lose weight per week is a mixed question .. Depends on the weight of a person, his condition, weight loss methods, physical activity, metabolism … A person is a complex living system … it’s hard to talk about “accurate data unified for everyone” and “raquo;
 With an average weight – a kilogram per week is a good schedule, one and a half kg per week is possible, but it is difficult, and to lose two is already a very tough diet …

And in my opinion, Sergei is right. I generally adhere to the rule – as if I did not want to, overcome hunger and quickly go to bed after training. It helps) minus 13 kg!

Hello Anna. Excellent result If it really becomes very hungry, then you can a small portion of dietary curd for example, or egg whites … I wish you continued success.

Thanks for the information Sergey. I do a little differently. From work home I get to the clock by 7 pm, I eat a banana, then at 19:20 – 19:30 I start training, about an hour takes training, then a shower and a cottage cheese. At 10 I’m already going to bed, so I can not tolerate 1 – 2 hours 🙂

Hello Michael. If your task is to actively and actively lose weight, then the banana is still not desirable … replace with other fruits. And about the evening workout, I also wrote in the article) A small portion of the DICRATED curd is acceptable.

Thanks, I’ll replace the banana with an apple :).

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