Energy of money or what will help to become richer

Energy of money or what will help to become richer

Everything that surrounds us is energy, and it is transformed into things visible to us, such as a sofa, walls, a closet and so on. Money is also exactly energy. Love energy is in the first place, and after it goes the energy of money, so powerful it is. She has the opportunity to manage everything, you can buy anything except for love and health. Money, like any person, has a material, mental and emotional body.

To the material belong bills and trifles. They prefer to be kept in a clean wallets and in good shape (tie-wrapped and not torn). It is not recommended to put on an elastic band on your finances, after that they may well disappear.

If it were not for the emotional body, the money would not be able to feel the attitude towards them. Cash is attracted to attentive, respectful and knowledgeable bills, and not to people who freely scatter them to the left and to the right (“clamping” money is also not the best option, it is best to use them rationally).

The mental body allows you to know thoughts about money. First of all, you should think about money positively. A man sets himself frames in the number of notes. For example, he believes that he has a normal income and he does not need it more, putting such a frame, the money will not go to him. Or vice versa, a lot of money is bad, so a person also sets himself a framework, so he does not have a high income.

Money – anything (joy, stability, peace, pleasure, power, etc.), but not the goal. With the help of notes you can realize your desires, but you do not need to make a cult of money.

Watch what you say about money. Complaining of the small income, inspiring it to itself, the person remains with it. However, it is also easy to destroy the energy of money by showing off. Thus, do not brag and complain about the income, then the money energy will be normal. If someone insistently asks about the salary, it is best to name the smallest amount.

Estimating their incomes, it should be borne in mind that every person has a certain “ceiling”, that is, everyone has as much money as he is entitled to. Anyone can settle down and use competently only a certain amount. It depends on the internal readiness for cash flow.

What will help you become richer?

To attract money, you should buy a direct (does not add up several times), convenient and beautiful wallet. Get several wallets: for recreation, for a car, for daily expenses, etc., so they will quickly accumulate.

Taking money from another wallet, set yourself a certain date for their return. Try to return on time, otherwise money can be offended and stop coming. It is desirable to put interest, that is, to return with interest, so there can be a “gain” of money.

It is necessary to count money as often as possible, without giving them to strangers, so the energy of money will not stagnate. You can think about where the blocks in the monetary energy stand, and getting rid of them, increase the income even more.

The piggy bank is a good influence, thanks to the ringing of coins.

We should try to pay our debts with joy (the energy of joy will attract monetary energy). The main thing is never to spare money for charity.

Follow these recommendations and will soon see an increase in their finances.

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