Effective ways to avoid the autumn cold

Effective ways to avoid the autumn cold

Mid-autumn, which is accompanied by a decrease in air temperature and prolonged rains, opens the season of colds. In addition to the fact that the November approach abounds with precipitation, the defenses of the human body begin to weaken, and depression and fatigue, on the contrary, become more active, adversely affecting the physical condition and pestering with a runny nose and cough. Can I avoid an autumnal cold?

Why fall in the risk of getting sick?

Especially rapid expansion of SARS is facilitated by the educational process in schools and the finding of large groups of people in enclosed spaces. It is unlikely to be separated from viruses that cough and sneeze through the air, so the only effective way to avoid an autumn cold is to work on improving immunity.

How to maintain your immunity?

To support the body’s defenses in the autumn is easiest with the help of the gifts of nature of this generous pore. Apples, carrots and cabbage, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, should not disappear from the daily menu, but during the rainy season it is possible to supplement the diet with exotic citrus fruits and bananas.

So how do you eat to avoid the autumn cold? A variety of diet that does not exclude meat and fish, contains sour-milk products as another means of strengthening immunity, can supplement energy drinks – fresh, tea from hips, with honey, etc.

What to drink to strengthen immunity?

In the fall, green, ginger and lime teas will be useful, as well as chamomile broth and fruit compotes. Mono and multivitamins should be taken on the advice of the therapist and remember that building up the immune system protection against virus enemies in the fall, the person is also working to strengthen the resistance of ARVI and influenza in the winter.

Do not forget about hardening

Avoiding colds in the fall will help hardening, which should be a continuation of the strengthening of the body’s defenses of the summer period. You can continue to practice contrast shower and dousing with cold water, except that you can cancel the morning run for the period of active rains.

Colds provoke fatigue

In autumn, in order to prevent colds, one should listen very carefully to your body, avoiding fatigue which, as is known, reduces the resistance to colds, but preference to provide outdoor recreation, taking walks in the park area, outside the city, gathering mushrooms and fishing.

What else to look for

In order not to become a patient immunologist, with the beginning of the heating season, experts recommend taking special care of the microclimate at home and in the workplace. Humidify the air in the room can be with the help of special instruments, but do not minimize the benefits of conventional ventilation and wet cleaning.

Special preparations containing sea salt will help avoid drying the mucous membrane of the throat and nose, strengthening the protective functions of the body, and compulsory washing of hands after a walk and before eating can prevent the spread of many viruses and infections.

To prevent the cold from spoiling the autumn joys, you should carefully consider the selection of the wardrobe, that is, dress according to the weather conditions, do not forget the umbrella at home. By the principle of “benign God protects” it is better to avoid places of mass gathering of people, especially in the peak of the growth of ARVI diseases, and to struggle with excess weight to postpone to more favorable times, so as not to add stress to the body.

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