Effective recipes from winter-spring vitamin deficiency

At the end of winter and early spring many people begin to suffer from weakness, constant drowsiness, severe irritation, skin often flakes, and hair falls out more often. These symptoms indicate a spring beriberi, which is worst, about 85% of people experience them in the spring.

Avitaminosis signals that the body does not get enough vitamins and as a result the immune system is significantly reduced. It becomes even more vulnerable to disease. In this situation, one should not run to the pharmacy at the same moment, as the vitamins sold there are synthetic and not always assimilated. In the beginning, it is better to turn to more traditional and organic means.

In your diet should include:

• greens and fresh vegetables;

• natural fresh juices, which are recommended to be consumed within the next 15 minutes;

• fruits, especially citrus fruits;

• Spicy spices, onions and garlic, help fight viruses;

• sauerkraut, rich in vitamin C;

• Sprouted beans, peas, lentils.

Simple recipes for raising immunity

1. In an equal amount take: dried apricots, raisins, walnuts and other nuts to taste, several lemons, optional cranberries or blueberries. All the ingredients are chopped and poured with golden honey. Leave for a while to settle and consume 1-2 teaspoons with green tea.

2. The next effective means for strengthening the body is infusion on herbs and gatherings. It will require leaves of raspberries, currants, lingonberries or nettles, as well as hips. For convenience, all ingredients are placed in a thermos, poured with boiling water and infused for several hours. It is recommended to consume half the glass shortly before meals.

3. For the next insist, you will need: raspberry, nettle and black currant leaves, mint, rowan bunches, elderberries and curative herbs to taste. Recommended mother-and-stepmother. The method of preparation is still the same. Brew in a thermos and use three times a day.

Additional recommendations

Your morning should start with a glass of lemon water, you can with the addition of a spoon of honey, drunk on an empty stomach. You can also add a juice and lemon slices to a clean water bottle, give it a little lie down, and you will get a useful drink, a cleanser for the body, rich in vitamins. The same procedure can be done with fresh fruits and berries.

Broth from the leaves of dog rose. The leaves themselves must be brewed like regular tea in a thermos bottle, where one can also fill a handful of rose hips. All this for 1 liter of water. The broth is recommended to be infused overnight. The next morning it must be filtered, squeeze the juice of lemon and liquid honey to taste. You can drink it just before the meal.

This is far from the limit of various methods for enriching your body with valuable vitamins and microelements. In general, do not limit your imagination, it is better to make the most of all the useful gifts of nature, which brings a warm spring season.

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