Ectopia of the cervix.

Ectopia of the cervix.

We continue a series of conversations with a doctor of the highest category, gynecologist-endocrinologist Elena Bystritskaya. The theme of our today’s conversation is ectopia of the cervix.

Elena, not every woman has the opportunity to get a specialist consultation in time. With your help, we will try to answer the questions that arise with our readers. Tell us what is the ectopia of the cervix, what are its features.

– Indeed, some women neglect a visit to a gynecologist if they do not care. At the same time, literacy in matters of women’s health is growing very slowly. For example, it is high time to dispel the myth of ectopia of the cervix as a dangerous disease. The term “erosion” in this case by physicians should not be applied. It should be explained to patients that this is not a pathology, but a normal physiological condition of a woman.

Ectopic called a state where the cylindrical epithelium, the tissue of the cervix, is shifted to its vaginal part. Once again, on the basis of the international classification of diseases, a phenomenon such as the ectopia of the cylindrical epithelium of the cervix is ​​considered to be the physiological norm that occurs in half of the women up to the age of forty.

The normal condition of the cervix is ​​shown in this photo.

And this photo shows the change in tissues due to ectopia.

– How dangerous is ectopy during pregnancy? Whether it is necessary to treat it in this case.

– Fortunately, its presence does not affect the ability to become pregnant. As my practice shows, pregnancy and childbirth in this case proceed quite safely. And in some women after childbirth, the ectopia completely disappears. However, if this did not happen, and the size of the inflammation is large, treatment should still be prescribed to avoid the development of cervicitis.

Be attentive to your health and trust only competent professionals.

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