Dreams during pregnancy

Dreams during pregnancy

Pregnant women often have wonderful dreams that can be interpreted as images relating to the future child. Long since the dreams of pregnant women about their child were considered prophetic. Sometimes these dreams are perceived by the mother as a dream of the fruit. So it or not – it’s hard to judge.

Often in a dream you can meet companies playing children or a group of young people. On the field of the child on them it is difficult to judge, rather, about the temperament of the new person. If in pleasant dreams the future mother sees the big and cheerful children’s companies, they say that the child is more likely to be sociable and friendly, the “soul of the company.” Aspiring to solitude, the kid will often see with his mother himself or his closest soul mate (or girlfriend), nature, animals.

However, some women, pregnant with girls, see in a dream playing boys – and vice versa. You can call it with a certain degree of humor like “girlish dreams” or “boyish dreams.” And you can fantasize about the fact that a timeless incarnation is waiting for the souls of future lovers who are “destined to each other fate.”

Unpleasant, disturbing dreams signal that the baby is worried about something, however, at this stage the mother and the child are worried. Their subtle symbiosis includes the general picture of dreams, in which there is room for reflection of their physical condition, joyful peace or disturbing ailments. But in order to be safe, we recommend that you look at the dream book online interpretation of dreams, and make sure that dreams do not portend anything wrong.

Repeated gloomy dreams, nightmares – testify to the woman’s fears before the forthcoming birth or complications of pregnancy. It is worth to take a closer look at your health, if they regularly repeat.

However, in order to see good, pleasant dreams with your future baby, pregnant women need to be more outdoors, avoid disturbing and gloomy films, books and TV shows, sharp and too loud music. With your child you need to share only the most beautiful and calm things – to seek positive impressions and to believe only good dreams.

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