Do you want to learn to get up early?

Do you want to learn to get up early?

Sleep is an indispensable component of health and beauty. But often we have to get up early and do not sleep much, because we are used to staying up late. Do you want to learn to get up early and still feel sleepy?

The Benefits of Sleep

If you are tormented by the question “how to sleep for three hours?”, Then the answer will not be absolutely positive – in any way. And all because in a dream:

• The body must be restored;

• There is a renewal of the skin;

• The brain “reboots”, analyzing and pondering all that has happened during the day.

A healthy sleep lasts eight hours. Eight is not an accidental figure, it is the result of long studies. Breaking the sleep cycle, there is a shortage of time in the body for recovery, which entails even greater harm. Therefore, we must remember: in order to think of how to get up early, you need to think about how to go to bed early.

Many faced the fact that they went to bed at 8 pm, but even after that did not get enough sleep. Then the whole day the state is even more depressed, rather than after an early recovery or a sleepless night.

Learning to get up early

The body is able to rejuvenate during sleep. But only in the event that the time of sleep falls on the “hours of beauty”. For this, it is enough to go to bed no later than midnight (the optimal time is 11 pm). The ascent in turn should not be later than 8 am. The perfect time to climb starts at 5:30 in the morning and lasts until 6:00. Unsuccessful is the time exactly 6:00, and if you need to get up at this time, then try to make a rise at 5:45 or 6:15. It is believed that setting the alarm for “not round” time, say, 6:58 or 7:04, it is easier to wake up.

Whatever the schedule, under any circumstances he needs to follow. For this it is required only to go to bed and wake up at the same time. The result will be immediate.

To sleep became full, follow a few rules:

Hair is better to dissolve or to collect in careless light braid without elastic bands and hairpins. Curlers it is extremely undesirable to leave for the night. Tightly tightened hair is injured and worsens the flow of the head, which is the cause of headaches, since the brain has little oxygen;

To drink before going to bed a glass of yogurt or to eat an apple. It helps the body to restructure. There is nothing salty, since salt has the property of retaining water. This is a consequence of bags under the eyes and edema;

Spare money for a bed. A sold sofa or an uncomfortable bed does not guarantee a healthy and rapid ascent. During sleep a person needs rest and relaxation, rather than an instinctive search for a comfortable position;

You should try not to watch horror movies and news for the night, as you are already set to sleep, relaxed, and your head starts to clog with anxious and unnecessary thoughts. Everything happens because the brain continues to actively conduct its mental activity, while the tired body wants to sleep.

Now you know what it takes to get up early without any problems, you just have to apply it in practice.

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