Do you want to build? Get off!

Do you want to build? Get off!

The bathhouse is historically valued as one of the most powerful healing tools. Visiting the sauna removes fatigue, stimulates vitality, relieves tension, helps the body to remove the products of decay, toxins and slags, relieves colds and ailments, and, most importantly, helps to reduce weight.

First of all, the steam room is useful in that during her visit there is an increase in sweating. It has long been known that toxins are released through the sweat glands of the skin, so that the body heals. After visiting the steam room, you need to restore the water balance. Remember that after going to the bath it is not recommended to use cold water and alcoholic drinks, the best drink will be a herbal drink or tea.

Visiting the steam room, you will be surprised to find that they lost weight by a couple of kilograms. It is necessary to know that this is just a loss of liters of fluid, rather than excess weight.

In order to not only good sweat and relax, but also remove fat deposits, there are several subtleties:

First, do not go to a Turkish hamam – it does not have a weight loss effect, go only to a Finnish sauna or Russian bath, you can find the right one here;

Secondly, it is necessary to visit the steam room regularly (it is best to combine it with a day of unloading);

Thirdly, enter the steam room often and for a short while; And the last – do not spend such a favorite procedures for all of us, like diving into the pool, rubbing snow and others).

Follow our recommendations and very soon you and your environment will notice that you have built up and become prettier! It must be remembered that in order for the described methods to be safe for your body, we recommend that you consult your physician in advance and make sure that you do not have any contraindications to bathing procedures.

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