Do you have sex during pregnancy?

Do you have sex during pregnancy?

About the dangers of sex during pregnancy, there are a lot of various legends. Gynecologists say that everything will depend on the individual’s body. There is also a set of rules and recommendations that must be followed to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Experts reassure, because if the pregnancy is normal, then the sex can not be canceled, but on the contrary, they should not be cut, because this will negatively affect your relationship with her husband. Pregnancy is not a disease, and therefore contraindications to giving up sex are few. Danger may occur with genetic abnormalities of the fetus or with hormonal disorders.

In other situations, it is worth following certain rules to have sex during pregnancy:

-You have recently learned about pregnancy. And in the first two months is to protect himself as much as possible from everything. In this category “all” includes: heavy loads, bath, sharp movements, etc. Approximately at week 12 the doctor conducts a general examination, and if there are no pathologies, then it allows sexual intercourse. With pains in the lower abdomen, low attachment of the fetus – restrictions on sexual life remain until a favorable resolution of the situation. If you have a tonus of the uterus, then read the information on the site Svitmam

– until the birth there are 4 weeks. At the sexual certificate or act during this period there are painful sensations, can provoke a premature outflow of amniotic waters, or penetration of bacteria of a vagina to a fetus.

So, regular sex life is simply necessary, as it is able to provide not only strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, but also positive emotions, both for you and for the baby. Thanks to the hormone of happiness, the baby also feels a huge rush of happiness.

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