Do I need a diet for a pregnant woman?

Do I need a diet for a pregnant woman?

Waiting for a child is one of the most crucial periods in the life of any woman. There is a lot of this – both in the physical state and in food predilections – that is inherent only in this state of it. But how relevant is the diet for pregnant women? Does she have a place in the next nine months?

Diet in the understanding of “proper nutrition”, and not in the sense of weight loss way is just the way for future mothers, because the right balance of weight and well-being becomes very important. A lot of these women, who at that time begin to eat uncontrollably intensively, remembering – we are now two: I and the baby. Indeed, the developing fetus requires its share of useful substances, vitamins, various elements, but in reasonable quantities. But gaining excessive weight, the future mother only causes harm to herself and the child.

Therefore, the menu during pregnancy should be balanced: in the daily diet include proteins (up to 120 grams), including animal origin – milk, cottage cheese, eggs, meat, seafood; Fats (up to 100 g), with a fifth of them must be a plant species; Carbohydrates (no more than 400 g) – that is, it is necessary to reduce portions of bakery products from white flour and sugar.

During the holidays, of course, you can afford to eat more, especially if you and your husband went to a luxury restaurant, where everything is not only tasty, but also very beautiful. Enjoy food, evening, socializing, have fun and do not think about calories. If you feel good, then the baby is fine too.

For the pregnant woman, the daily routine is also important – it is necessary to eat at the same time and not more often than 5 times a day. The final meal is a couple of hours before bedtime, and dinner should be easily digestible.

And the last tip is to eat as much raw food as possible (fruits, vegetables, greens), they contain the maximum amount of useful vitamins and minerals, and there is practically no left in the prepared food.

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