Diet or how to lose weight properly

Nowadays, all the girls care about their appearance: skin, hair, nails (you can list for a long time), but one of the most important aspects that cares a woman is overweight. In the 21st century, ways to lose weight are incredible, and the most popular is the diet.

Diaita (diet) in Greek means “way of life”, and this says it all, i.e. You should not “diet”, but live it! It should be matched to your body and the rhythm of life. You can not choose it on the principle of “oh, she’s so cute,” or “I’ll eat carrots and drink mineral water,” because the diet should be balanced and nutritious.

Undoubtedly, in every diet you have read in a magazine or on the Internet on the site, the menu is designed so that a person receives the necessary dose of nutrients, but it is possible that one of the products does not suit you due to some disease, and You will make yourself only worse.

In general, it is recommended to lose weight under the guidance of specialists, because in consequence of weight loss, problems such as hair loss, deterioration of the skin and nails due to a violation of the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats and a shortage of trace elements and vitamins can occur. And if you have started to lose weight quite sharply, then there may be such symptoms as weakness, nausea or dizziness, this is due to the rapid burning of fat, as a result of which the body accumulates ketone bodies that do not have a beneficial effect on the whole Organism, but most of all on the nervous system. In addition, we add a decrease in blood glucose and a weakening of immunity. If the weight is not properly reduced, a lot of problems arise and it can be listed as long as you like.

As a rule, after you all lose weight with the help of a diet, the lost kilograms return in double, and sometimes in triple volume. This is due to the fact that the wrong, and in some cases, a strict diet, stress for your body and he in turn is trying to fill the lost nutrients in a larger amount than lost. And it all begins again.

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