Diagnosis of diseases by meridians

Diagnosis of diseases by meridians

About five thousand years ago in China, began to diagnose various diseases at biologically active points. Doctors of the time found that when you click on certain points, you can affect the state of human health, and most of these points are located on certain lines, called meridians.

Tibetan diagnosis of the meridians is based on the impact on the biologically active points of man. The meridian diagnosis lies in the fact that the doctor pressing one by one to the biologically active points, learns how the client feels these clicks. Based on the client’s senses, the patient’s health status is diagnosed. Some points located on the meridians can help the doctor to save the patient from illnesses. Others help to make an accurate diagnosis.

When a doctor presses biologically active points, the patient gives him his feelings: numbness, pain, pleasure, or other feelings. Thanks to these descriptions, the doctor makes an accurate diagnosis. If skin rashes appear on the meridians, it is a sign that the body urgently needs treatment.

Each meridian means a certain organ. There are 14 meridians on our body. 12 of them are paired, 2 are unpaired. Paired meridians are responsible for the work of the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, large intestine, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, gallbladder, heart bag. There is also a meridian of three heaters, which is responsible for visual impairment, thermoregulation, headaches, deafness, tinnitus, dizziness, cervical and occipital pain, depression, convulsions in children, inflammation in the cheeks, epileptic seizures.

Some of the energy meridians pass through the surface of the body. The doctor, pressing on this or that biologically active point, learns how much it is filled with energy. If, at the time of pressing, the meridian is filled with energy, then the bioactive points become more sensitive, and the organs to which these points correspond suffer from a “heat fever”. With a lack of energy, the points are less sensitive and suffer from “coldness”.

When the doctor regains normal energy in the meridians, the body’s condition will greatly improve, because the problem of diseases will disappear.

Meridian diagnosis is continuously associated with reflexology, because both these techniques are based on the effect on the biologically active points of man located on the meridians.

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