Deep sleep

Deep sleep

Sleep is an excellent remedy for restoring the body’s internal resources. With severe nervous disorders, even 9-10 hours of full sleep can not relieve tension. Of great importance is not the length of sleep, but its quality. What do you need to do for this?

The use of a large number, especially at night, coffee, alcohol and tobacco badly affect sleep. Exercising, walking in the fresh air and healthy food will help maintain the necessary amount of oxygen in the body, which will contribute to a sound sleep.

The sleep must necessarily be deep, and if nightmares often occur and are forced several times a night to wake up, this indicates a violation of physical balance.

Sleep should be regular.

Some recommendations for a good sleep:

1. You need to eat with the inclusion of vegetables and fruits in the diet.

2. The last meal should take place at least 12 hours before recovery. Before going to bed it is better not to drink, but if you still want, you can drink herbal tea.

3. Yoga, reading the prayer before bedtime will calm your nerves and allow the body to fall asleep more quickly.

4. If you sleep for a long time, you feel discomfort. Optimal is a dream lasting 7-8 hours.

5. Aromatherapy also has a calming effect, but do not overdo it.

6. Before going to bed, you need to remember the positive moments of the past day, forgive those who have offended, and sleep will be calm and easy.

7. Some specially physically strain the body to fall asleep. But this method will not lead to a deep, healing sleep, in the morning you will feel a sense of weakness. The day should be full, but not tiring.

8. Several hours before sleep, you need to spend in a pleasant environment, for your favorite pastime. Viewing even positive, but exciting imaginations of gearing is fraught with a bad dream.

9. If the dream does not want to go, you can imitate a state of deep sleep: close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Relaxation of the whole organism is the main stimulus for sleep.

10. At all, probably, there is a desire after a nourishing dinner a little nap. Do not resist! 30-minute rest after lunch is a source of recharging internal “batteries”.

11. You need to sleep in comfortable clothes or without it.

12. Taking sleeping pills at night is a bad sign. Constantly the organism gets used to it and it needs more and more. It is better to abandon this method immediately.

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