Dark side of yoga

Yoga enthusiasts often advertise yoga right and left, urging others to go to class. This happens because Yoga has changed the lives of a lot of people and they just want to tell everyone about it.

But yoga has its “dark” side, and there are reasons why it is better not to engage in yoga to avoid suffering. The following are those reasons.

  1. It spoils your dinner.

When practicing yoga, you start to experience a difference in the way your body reacts to food. This may get to the extent that you stop eating some foods because of the harm they cause. So if you are a fan of fast food and other junk food, I think the yoga mat is not meant for you.

  1. It will put an end to late night parties.

Having to roll out the mat the morning after a sleepless night at the club can be so disgusting. If you want to practice yoga, you are likely to start early and go to bed at the right time, and that is definitely an end to club life.

  1. The end of the drama.

If you love drama then I think you should just forget about yoga. You cannot be committed to yoga practice and live a life full of melodrama at the same time. Yoga gets you to an unnaturally calm and quiet placeso people just can’t involve you in their problems. It gets so serious that you don’t even get distracted by your own problems.

  1. You will start to recognize your responsibilities.

The yoga mat can be likened to a mirror that allows you to see yourself. It often brings you to the conclusion that it is not right to blame other people, and that you are responsible for them. If you like to put the blame on others, leave the mat.

  1. You will begin to respect all people without exception.

Yoga stops you from the funny act of laughing at others and gossiping about them. The acts that were fun to you will become cruel. Yoga affects your social life seriously, andthis may cause you to part ways with friends who simply do not share your respect for others.

  1. Yoga will ruin your wardrobe.

Come to think of it, you previously had a lot of beautiful things, but all that has been replaced by1,000 pairs of yoga pants.

  1. Yoga heightens your sensitivity.

You become more sensitive to what happens in your body, which means you are more sensitive to your inner feelings. If you are the type that runs from your experiences, then you should also run from yoga.

  1. Yoga will open your hips, shoulders and heart.

Yoga not only causes your body to become flexible, it also causes your will to become flexible,and your heart tends to become softer and kinder. Yoga will open you up both internally and externally. Yoga is primarily spiritual, and most hearts do not avoid this fate.

  1. Yoga will relieve you of the most destructive habits.

Perhaps you have lost the desire to drink, smoke, lie on the couch all day, or hang out in the clubs till the morning. If you like the way you live right now then don’t practice yoga! 🙂




What are the Benefits of Yoga?

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