Cracks on the heels: causes and solutions

Cracks on the heels: causes and solutions

In a woman should be beautiful not only the soul, but also the skin on the legs. Consider the reasons for the appearance and ways to eliminate cracks on the heels, because this problem remains relevant in the “advanced” 21 century.

This, it seems to us, annoying cosmetic defect, can signal about such serious diseases as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, foot fungus, kidney failure, etc.

With diabetes, the level of glucose rises, so the flow of blood to the extremities is disturbed. Hence the cracks on the legs.

Yellowish shade, coupled with dry skin of heels, can talk about hypothyroidism – a violation in the work of the thyroid gland.

If the heels crack in the spring, most likely, the vitamin deficiency is to blame. And if this defect is formed when the foot contacts the grass or sand, contact the dermatologist – there is a serious reason to suspect the fungus.

After finding out the reasons, it is necessary to start treatment.

In addition to pharmacy ointments and pills, traditional folk recipes will also come to the rescue. Rather, the latter will help prevent the appearance of cracks, providing a full-fledged care for the skin of the feet.

Weekly do soap and soda or salt baths, or on the basis of a decoction of medicinal herbs – chamomile, calendula, thyme, etc.

In a basin with a hot liquid, dissolve 3 tbsp. Sea salt and a quarter of a glass of rubbed baby soap. Keep the legs in the solution for about an hour, periodically topping the boiling water.

After such a procedure, you can tie halves of onions to the affected areas, which must first be doused with boiling water.

You can just hold the feet for 30 minutes in a decoction of St. John’s wort, marigold, sage, oak bark or string. After this, you need to apply a cream on the skin.

If the cracks are quite deep, generously lubricate the feet with natural honey, wrap them with plastic bags, top the cotton socks and leave the compress until morning. When you wake up, rinse the remnants of honey and apply moisturizing cream. Do this for a minimum of 4 consecutive nights.

You can apply a mask in the composition of which beeswax, salicylic acid and paraffin. Mix them in equal parts, heat in a water bath and thoroughly rub. Apply overnight. In the morning, soak your feet in a soda bath, heal the heels with pumice and moisten the skin.

In the summer, a gruel from mother-and-stepmother will help to cope with the problem of cracks. In a glass of milk, cook the leaves of the plant for an hour. Thickened mass left on the heels at night.

These methods should be used in conjunction with the treatment prescribed by the doctor.

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