Cosmetics and Pregnancy

Cosmetics and Pregnancy

In the modern world, women do not refuse decorative cosmetics during pregnancy. And this is not surprising, any future mother in this interesting period of her life wants to be irresistible. Doctors – dermatologists are not against cosmetics, but still recommend in this case to make a choice in favor of funds created on the basis of natural components.

The body of a pregnant woman undergoes many changes. All this is reflected primarily on the skin – there may be stretch marks, pigment spots, and the skin itself become dry or, conversely, oily, allergic reactions are possible, even if they were not previously observed.

To the future mum, for elimination of all these problems, it is desirable to choose the cosmetics created on the basis of natural components, in this case negative influence on the kid is excluded. The label of such drugs usually indicates that they are allowed for use by pregnant women.

If, at the woman during pregnancy any obvious problems with a skin it is not observed, it is possible to continue to use habitual cosmetics. Only in this case it is necessary to closely monitor the expiration date.

It will not be superfluous to look at the label, namely – to read the composition of the means. So, it is desirable to exclude cosmetics that contain soy, retinol and bergamot, these components contribute to the appearance of pigmented spots.

Hair during pregnancy, as a rule, becomes thicker, get shine, shampoos and balms are selected for the type of hair, which during this period can change, more often the hair becomes more fat. Refuse hair dye is not worth it, just now it’s better to choose sparing paints. These are paints that do not contain ammonia in their composition. Persistence of staining with such a paint is lower, but it significantly reduces the risk of allergic reaction. But it is desirable to abstain from a chemical wave, because the result (due to changes in the hormonal background) may turn out to be unexpected.

Procedures in beauty salons

From some procedures held in beauty salons, for the time will have to give up. All procedures that are associated with changes in temperature, exposure to the chest and stomach, as well as causing painful sensations are contraindicated. These include hot stone massage, hot wraps, some types of peeling. But the relaxing procedures will even be useful. For example, thalassotherapy can help you relax, relieve stress and feel happy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, in this period, of course, you need to think first and foremost about the baby, but you should not forget about yourself.

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